Koei Tecmo Explains Why Attack on Titan 2 Is Coming to Switch; Graphics Closer to PS3 Version of AOT

Koei Tecmo reveals the reasons behind the decision to port Attack on Titan 2 to Nintendo Switch, also giving a hint on what it'll look like.

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DJK1NG_Gaming405d ago

As long as it's 60fps and not 720p docked then It's all good. But maybe you should put more work into it. Not the Vita version will do any good.

DJK1NG_Gaming404d ago

Wow I must had hurt some people feelings for starting the facts?
No Vita version in the West and the Vita will sell the least in Japan and worst looking version with framerate issues like the first game had.

vladstad404d ago

man i agree with you completely. all the down voters are just salty at the world.

vergilxx3404d ago

if you didn't play ps vita version then shut the hell up i have completed the game and it was perfectly fine

look at the xenoverse 2 on switch drops belowe 10fps and has crap textures , i regret ever buying it

if you don't own bot devices then please don't talk about something you have no idea about because it only shows how stupid Nintendo fanboy you are

DJK1NG_Gaming404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

So you were hurt by seeing facts about the Vita being a waste of money and time for KOEI Tecmo,
I owned a Vita. Gave it to my older brother last Christmas after beating The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II.
You seem hurt emotionally over what I said.

masterfox405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

lol , so it can't match visuals from a 11 year old console?, and yet people called the Switch innovation haha, seriously this is hilarious and sad all at the same time. X'D

Bleucrunch404d ago

Yea I agree, games shouldn't be released on 11 year old tech, if that is the case then charge the price it would be 11 years ago.

Natversion1404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

Maybe because people can see the Switch isn't purely an under the TV console but an actual hybrid? That it's innovation isn't based on how many pixels it can push. But then again most peoples parents aren't related but regardless there's bound to be a few like you out there.

Prince_TFK404d ago

I'm too tired to even reply to your trolling masterfox. What even sadder is the "gamers" that agree with you.

masterfox404d ago

how exactly am I trolling ?, you know paying for something that costs more than 350 dlls right now and see an article that says that the visuals is comparable to the PS3 a 11 year old hardware is not like is something I want to hear you know, or am I wrong?, you people defend your shiny new system the Switch like if it was no tomorrow even thou the facts are in front of your face, just because someone doesn't agree with you it doesn't mean they are trolling, how about replying with facts ?, instead of that overused "you are trolling " sentence, seriously that indeed is pretty annoying, also why is sad that gamers agree with me ?, because pointing the facts ?I mean dammn!, lets say I go to a god damn Walmart, go to the videogame section see the PS4 299 or 249 lots of great awesome looking games on shelf and cheaper, xbone 250 or less and also lots of games too on shelf, and now I see the Switch 299 or more with with a very few games on shelf and priced as a console games, sorry but I would definitely choose the one with the better lineup with a more capable system and believe me that's definitely not the Switch.

DashMad404d ago

it games made with VITA as baseline what did you expect really?? it's a low budget B tier game even PS4 version doesn't looks like current gen either and i can seriously say PS4 version also looks like PS3 game, if you seriously think this looks like current gen graphically you need to see eye doctor.

DJK1NG_Gaming404d ago

Yet Super Mario Odyssey blows everything on those system out the water.
Did you even read the article?
Of course not. You ever lasting hate for Nintendo is obvious.

quent404d ago

Sad but enduring what narrow minded little trolls like you give up to post sht like this, including any kind of common sense or thought when it comes to hardware and space limitation that goes with it, hey but you lot a lol out of it, good job my special little buddy

Outlawzz404d ago

Lol this guy is a dam fool. You talk about switch more than the actual fans of the switch

masterfox404d ago

Probably yes I talk more of the Switch that some so called Nintendo fans, well believe me or not I'm actually a real fan of Nintendo it sucks to see my old favorite gaming company that I grew up with go down the drain with gimmicks instead of real gaming achievements, SNES was the best with a hardly second place of the N64, all after that went downhill! sadly.

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drizzom404d ago

Maaan...That smile could melt permafrost.