WoW's Battle For Azeroth Expansion Might Be The Best Intro To The MMO Yet

World of Warcraft has a new expansion on the way, but even though this is the seventh major addition to Blizzard's MMO, it still might be a good place for newbies to join. At Blizzcon 2017, we talked with WoW production director John Hight about that new player experience and what features will be introduced in the newly announced expansion.

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datriax1491d ago

Of course it is. Meanwhile, every past expansion was the best when it was coming out. You know, just because they want you to buy and subscribe and all that stuff. Totally genuine and unbiased without a doubt.

Mr_Luke1491d ago

Well, not for me. I hope they will reveal more, because for now i'm not sold (about the content). No new classes? Copy/paste races completely equal to the other one already existing (ok, we don't know the racial traits but... nothing new). When they talked about the content datamined in Legion, they discovered something about Jaina being a worshipper of the old gods. It seemed very nice but for now there's nothing exciting, beside Zandalar ;P but it's not enough.