Call of Duty: WWII Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro 4K Screenshot Comparison

Call of Duty: WWII is available on both PS4 and Xbox One, and it's a good chance to see how Microsoft's new Xbox One X flexes its muscles.

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Tsar4ever011908d ago

WOOOOWWW!! The Pro looks pretty damn impressive compared to X1X, I expected LARGER DIFFERENCES on on texture fidelity. But it's turns out to be closer than I expected. Mind you the textures are better on X1X, you can clearly see it when click on the picture and expand the images. The X1X has a higher contrast ratio which allow you the see the texture sharpness more clearer, especially when in the rooms with the lamp lighting overhead. When out doors, the X1X textures are stronger at closer inspection (expand image) but the gap isn't as big as I expected with an updated console that has 4 gigs of extra memory to spare.

So in a nut shell, at least on this game. X1X has brighter lighting(*ie contrast ratio) and sharper texture image than Pro, but the gap is fairly slight.

Ju1908d ago

Yep. I agree with you. But I expected that. Now at least it confirms what I was speculating.

Skull5211908d ago

Man night and day difference! They sure that isn’t Xbox One X vs base PS4?

Captain_Tom1908d ago

FP16, superior geometry culling, extra async compute engines, and the back-up ARM CPU +DDR3 help the Pro.

They aren't that different in performance. But shhhhh! Some around here will have a temper-tantrum...

Kribwalker1908d ago

the onex enhanced patch isn’t even out yet
so this is the unpatched COD looking better then the patched ps4pro version

LastCenturyRob1908d ago

True, but can't forget that Sony has exclusives deals in place that may keep the Pro from falling too far behind the X with graphic fidelity. that being said, the Pro is still a very good console and a good value for the buck....I just think if they went balls out on the X the differences would be a bit more noticeable.

thekhurg1908d ago

Looks more like the PS4 Pro version is running HDR and the X version isn't. Clearly unpatched xbox stuff going on there, cause that lighting on the X isn't impressive, it's just bright - it's not contrast.

Unspoken1908d ago Show
Zeref1907d ago

big emphasis on "this game"

fathertime44641907d ago

You forgot far this draw distances on the x also...

XStation4pio_Pro1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Bs. The one x looks way sharper. Look at the background objects, aliasing etc. lighting is way better and more realistic on X with deeper contours and more natural falloff. Textures are higher res on X and the added resolution destroys aliasing chatter comparatively.
Looks more plastic on the Pro. , plus also in the exterior shots the one x has higher LOD and more objects in the background. And this is before we even talk about framerates. The most important thing to note here is the one X gpu probably still has overhead to spare after that. Also it’s not just brighter and more contrast, it’s actually a wider color gamut being generated. For the record I’m looking at these 1:1 on a 5k screen.

Skull5211907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Very impressive that base Xbox code looks better than PS4 Pro patch. No doubt once the X patch releases there will be a massive jump in quality. I hope it doesn’t take long, really need patches for this, evil within, Wolfenstein, and Mordor to drop cause I’ve been holding out on playing them. Nice to see battlefront 2 appears patched already!

Damn insane that the hardware enhances games to look better than PS4 patched games with no extra effort - only about 36 hours before the beast starts showing up at people’s doorsteps! Glad Microsoft didn’t gimp there mid gen upgrade and really put some effort into it, I’m really wondering why I bought a Pro at all now, should have just kept the regular PS4...

FinalFantasyFanatic1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

That's actually a little disappointing with this game depending on the scene, some screen captures obviously benefited more than others (some scenes look like they messed with the contrast/brightness and the depth perception/bokeh, I'm assuming those screens are the Pro).

StormSnooper1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Umm to those of you saying the “patch” isn’t available on X, let me explain. THIS IS the x version you are seeing. The “patch” is only available on games that released prior to Xbox X’s existence. Games made with the X being in existence, will not have a “patch”.

Unless you mean to say that there will be a future “patch” (which we don’t know about yet) and that the Pro has already had a patch? But that doesn’t seem to be the case if you read the article:
“With the release of Call of Duty: WWII, which is already supporting Microsoft’s yet unreleased new console, the Xbox One X”

Skull5211907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Sorry man, you can filter which games have the Xbox enhancements from the console, and Call of Duty is not among them, which means the Xbox One X Enhancements are not yet part of the game. Hopefully we see the update by release day. Kribwalkers photos show exactly this. I imagine we will see a bunch of updates for games over the next two days.

ziggurcat1907d ago

@krib & skull:

so sorry, but:

also the article, which... if you read.... says, "With the release of Call of Duty: WWII, which is already supporting Microsoft’s yet unreleased new console, the Xbox One X..."

Can either of you can provide the change log for this alleged patch coming up the supposedly installs Xbox One X enhancements that are already shown in this article?

Skull5211907d ago

That is the store which shows games that will have enhancements, kribs photos show actual installed games that have XBOX enhancements. There are a bunch of games in the store as you show but do not yet have the enhancement patches, Call of Duty is one of them, so is Mordor, Evil Within, Ghost Recon, etc.

1907d ago
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1908d ago
Obscure_Observer1909d ago


The difference is *Clear* even from a 1080p display.

Bigpappy1909d ago

The pro version isn't bad, but the close up texture really stand out as blurry. The X version overall look more live video quality.

MagicBeanz1908d ago

Don't stop believing buddy.

Kribwalker1908d ago

the pro has some serious crushed blacks that the onex doesn’t have,

Babadook71908d ago

"The difference is *Clear* even from a 1080p display."

Huh? What difference? I'm looking at these on a 5k iMac. Theres no noticeable difference. Other than perhaps a bit of black crush?

deividpaulo1908d ago Show
phoenixwing1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

@obscure I'm looking on my computer monitor it's not exactly 4k but it's pretty decent above 1080p and i really can't see much of a difference. Really to me the biggest difference is the lighting and that's it. Maybe i need new glasses.

Captain_Tom1908d ago

I honestly can't tell which is the better one all that easily. Is the XBOX the one on the left?

ziggurcat1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

@krib crushed blacks have to do with the wrong RGB mode setting on the console. It has nothing to do with the game... nice try, though.

gangsta_red1907d ago


"...crushed blacks have to do with the wrong RGB mode setting on the console."

Ziggurcat please point out where the RGB settings on the console are for this video comparison.

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bluefox7551908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I couldn't notice any difference. I went straight to the pictures, and since they weren't marked, I couldn't tell which was which.

Summons751908d ago

Besides one being a little darker than the other there is basically no difference, and people actually think marginal differences justify the $500 price lol

Obscure_Observer1908d ago


"I couldn't notice any difference. I went straight to the pictures, and since they weren't marked, I couldn't tell which was which"

Yeah, pictures should be marked. The image links will provide you descriptions of which version you´re looking at. ;)

Prem8tuaProcrastin8a1908d ago

Were you looking at the comparisons on a 4k screen? If not, your point is moot, as any1 who tried playing gears 1 on a CRT screen will tell you, the increased detail is lost, as there simply aren't enough pixels to show the improvements.

MagicBeanz1908d ago

"(on the left) is shot on PS4 Pro, while the second (on the right) is captured on Xbox One X."

fathertime44641908d ago

Pro was on the left.
However pictures were crap. I went and found the pics in 4k and the textures, lighting, shadows, resolution, and draw distance were all better on x. Pro looked good, x looked great

Captain_Tom1908d ago

Me too lol

Didn't spoil it for myself so it was fair - and I couldn't quite decide which is better (fire looks terrible on both btw).

Toby_19811908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

No difference at all. It looks the same. Is the One X on the left? I don't think the One X is worth $550 dollars after seeing this

dcbronco1907d ago

It's not surprising so many can't tell the difference since most can't. Most people wouldn't know 1080i from p. That was the knock against going to HD in the first place. Most couldn't tell and many didn't care. It's a good looking game. But the X version is definitely clearer.

FinalFantasyFanatic1907d ago

They should be marked, but I assumed the worst looking picture was the Pro.

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Foxhound9221908d ago

They look nearly identical! Lol From the article;

"You can check them out and see for yourself, even if you might have to SQUINT a bit."

Honestly the pro version just looks almost as good but also looks darker for some reason. Is this really worth $500 dollars?

PJHudson1908d ago

I can't tell much difference. What people seem to forget when wrecking the X though. Is it worth $500 ?? Well the Pro isn't free. So the quote should be is it worth the $100 difference or whatever it is

alb18991908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

What would I see watching this from a cellphone? hahahaha
To be fair this 4k pictures should be seeing from a 4k screen and not a 5" smartphone.

Bigpappy1908d ago

With many other game the difference is way more pronounced. We don't know if this is a straight port of the Pro version that just looks a little better on the X, or if there is an enhancement package still to be installed.

DarXyde1908d ago

I can see a noticeable difference. One X looks cleaner with brighter lighting.

And I doubt we're going to see a huge difference right away. Keep in mind it's an early One X title. I still see no interest in investing in the iterative hardware, but I do see a difference.

It would be weird if you didn't. Let's just see how things play out with time.

Ju1908d ago

Well, or if you an XBox player $250 for the upgrade vs. $100 if you do the same for a Slim (or buy new).

Captain_Tom1908d ago


But what if your smartphone is a 4K screen? And actually it is also my only HDR screen...

sk8ofmnd1907d ago

Not at all... The biggest issue is the xb1x went with an overcooked jag cpu which is its hugest downfall. Had they went with a more modern cpu instead of one that's years old the differences would have been much more easier to spot. Simply being slightly better is nothi g that's going to make the masses throw 500$ at the x

MadLad1907d ago

Was the pro worth the cost over the original, with even less of a difference?

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S2Killinit1908d ago

I couldnt spot the difference. Im assuming the lighter one is x because it seems slightly sharper but overall the look identical.

gangsta_red1907d ago

Also you can see some crushed blacks on the PS4 Pro side.

ziggurcat1907d ago

There are no crushed blacks on the pro version, gangsta.

S2Killinit1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Not sure where you saw that, but the result is that they don't look that different.

gangsta_red1907d ago


Are you telling me that as a fact or what you personally see?

S2Killinit1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

blacks, no blacks, who cares. I mean, its not a generational leap or anything now is it? It might be slightly sharper on the x, which is great for those who want to spend the money. As for me, I rather spend it on games.

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CurbStompin1908d ago

The biggest difference is XBOX live > PSN.

Yes i subscribe to both, but the PS community doesn't wear headsets, games are always silent.

nineby91908d ago

Exactly the reason I find PSN >> XBLive

DarXyde1908d ago

what games are you playing? There are always people on Uncharted 4 with headsets. I always mute them anyway. It was actually the BS going on in the Live community that got me to stop paying for it back in 2010, so we're opposites.

It sounds like you only think Live is better due to communication.

S2Killinit1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

yeah ok. Is that why MS is desperate to tap into Playstation's install base? I mean, if there is half the players out there on xbone, some games will not have enough players to play with, headset or not. Especially since the majority of xbox players are concentrated in certain locations of the world, when they go to sleep, you would be out of luck trying to play in parts of the world where xbox doesn't have the numbers. With Playstation, the players are spread out across the globe.

NoPeace_Walker1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

The enhanced patch hasn't been released on the X. What you are seeing here is just the 45gb regular XB1 version running on the X vs the full patched 80gb version on the Pro.

The game is also listed as UHD 4K on the Xbox Box


It will hit native 4K vs the maxed 1660p of the Pro version. Digital Foundry comparison should be fun.

hamburgerhill1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Interesting! So basically this isn't even a comparison. The X1X will shine in a couple of days.

Ju1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

It's running a 2160p with some either CB or temporal scaling on the Pro (X axis only) where it can reach a full 3840x2160 in situations but hovers at something like 2600x2160 on average.

I suspect the color difference origins from a FP16 color pipeline on the Pro and would explain why it is so close to the X in other areas.

NoPeace_Walker1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Let see the verdict at Digital Foundry when everything is patched.

S2Killinit1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Ummmm this IS the xbone X version. The article says the game "supports" X. Furthermore, you yourself posted a picture of the game saying as such. If the "patch" isn't included in the game when it releases, they would be committing misrepresentation for which they can get sued. (unless the game isn't released yet and the patch will arrive when the game releases)That picture proves that this IS the X version. I personally think you guys are expecting too much and setting yourself up for disappointment. The X will look slightly sharper than the Pro. But that is about it. Its not going to be a world of difference as some here seem to think.

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strifeblade1908d ago

in these images it looks mostly the same-however this is a 4k console, and u wont see the difference until you see it live in person. At the very least its a resolution boost- but remember you have to take to consideration how ambitious the game is and call of duty was never that type graphically speaking. Differences become apparent when devs use the ram available impliment higher quality textures such as in shadow of war, where we saw soup like textures on the pro. The power is there but its up to msoft and devs to encourage utilising the full power of the console and cod is not an example of that

zb1ftw7771908d ago

There's closer difference between xb1 and ps4 than this lol !!

S2Killinit1907d ago

yup. It will be a slight difference. Its not generational or anything.

PrinceOfAnger1908d ago

Lol at PS Fanboys saying no difference , yeah I can say no difference when ps5 comes out and see a comparison with X version of a game and see what's happen,, wait for eruogamer to tell you the difference it's a 4 Tera flops vs 6 , and 8 vs 12 GB Ram. Dev should use that power to make a game looks better than the other console version

As you can see in other games the difference is big.

1908d ago
GamesMaster19821908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Yep barley no difference just one is lighter the other is darker so all that extra cash gets you fuck all. Ill stick with OG PS4 still. And before the 4k nerds say but you need 4k to see the difference. I'm looking on my PC on a 4k Monitor and still barley any difference.

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Sm00thNinja1908d ago

Both versions are great.