This IS the Battlefront You’re Looking For - OnlySP

Star Wars: Battlefront II is only a few weeks away and promises to be one of EA and DICE’s most ambitious projects yet.

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CorndogBurglar444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

All I know is that they better be telling the truth that they have removed crafting materials for guns and epic star cards from the Loot Chests and made them unlock by progressing your character. Because if not, and its still a giant P2W-fest then they are going to piss off a lot of people.

They've already damaged their sales quite a bit based off of that beta. Now, if anything, people will wait to see what the progression system is really like before buying the final version.

I'm not even one to complain too much about MT's, as long as it doesn't affect gameplay or don't feel needed to progress. But this beta was the biggest insult to customer's I've ever seen. Especially now that EA came out and changed it after hearing the massive amounts of complaints. They were clearly testing the waters.

BlackDoomAx443d ago

P2W are over for me. And i'm a huge fan of SW. I loved the previous one even if it wasn't perfect. But this time i'll pass...