Xbox One X First Impressions: The 4K Era Arrives

Unlike its erstwhile competition, the Xbox One X actually delivers on its 4K gaming promises. Yes, it's a game-changer.

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NoPeace_Walker2216d ago

"And unlike its erstwhile competition, the PlayStation 4 Pro, the Xbox One X actually delivers on its 4K gaming promises. And that alone is a miracle of sorts. A game changer, if you will. Something that matters."

WOW, this reviewer see this as a game changer. Tuesday is the day I will see it for myself.

NewMonday2216d ago

"this reviewer" is Paul Thurrott who is a dedicated Microsoft fan since before Xbox and isn't even a gamer.

he also said the original always online Xbox and cloud processing "game changers' so his prediction are more ominous than assuring.

NoPeace_Walker2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

He also complains about the OG Xbox One and praises the PS4.

So he is not totally a blind fanboy of a single brand or unwillingly to list it's faults or give credits to where credits are due to the other consoles.

conanlifts2214d ago

I would agree with you, the difference is that almost every single reviewer is positive about Xbox X. There comes a point where people just need to accept that the console does seem to be extremely impressive.

nix2214d ago

I don't think anyone is denying that X is bad but to call it revolutionary is little out of hand. Third party games are definitely going to look better but we'll have to sometimes zoom into the screen to find the difference. I hope everyone has a microscope at home to find some of these differences. And even if there are better looking games, Sony's devs will keep coming with greater looking games.

In the end it's great for graphix lovers. I hope it sells well.

DrumBeat2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

This is the problem I have with N4G. It's just fine to be a dedicated Sony fan, yet it's utter taboo to be a Microsoft fan. Why is that? I know you all feel strongly about PlayStation's lineup, and frankly, so do I. It's beastly, and it almost always is, with just a few droughts here and there.

Still, the question remains; Why is it not cool for Xbox fans to be able to express their love for their favorite brand without being crapped on for it? This is not a sentiment that I just pulled out of my ass, as I've been coming to N4G for years but only just recently started posting. So what is the deal? Why can't Xbox fans cheer their brand, and why the glaring double standard? Someone with a modicum of intelligence and no agenda please step forth and answer. Thank you.

TankCrossing2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

^^ N4G has playstation fans, xbox fans, and even some rational people. You just notice the very vocal handful of morons that do what NewMonday is doing here, because they are incessant, antagonistic, and relentlessly tedious.

Head into any positive PS article and you'll find moldybread doing the same.

Tis just unfortunate that he mods round here are very tolerant of this sort of thing. It is a fine line for mods to tread, as you don't want them banning people for holding a dissenting opinion.

NewMonday2214d ago

"would agree with you, the difference is that almost every single reviewer is positive about Xbox X"

you must be on a different internet.

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NewMonday2216d ago


he was "reassessing" according to the link, trying to salvage some credibility after the fact.

DrumBeat2214d ago

You're maligning Thurrott and attempting to paint a different picture of the man. It's been debunked and isn't working.

Krysis2214d ago

You should "reassess" and try to salvage some dignity. I get it it's the internet and here you can be brave and edgy but you are doing at the cost of looking pathetic.

ApocalypseShadow2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

It arrived last year on the Pro. Or better yet, it already arrived on PC before both consoles. The X is just providing more of it than Pro. Sony didn't claim Pro was an all out 4K machine that displayed every game in 4K. They said they built a machine that **supports** 4K TVs. Developers decide on resolution if they can do it without hindering gameplay.

**upgrades the three-year-old PS4 hardware with a faster processor, better graphics, and support for 4K resolution**

See there? See that word? **SUPPORTS**.It's like when Sony said PS3 supported 1080p. And delusional gamers claimed Sony said all games would be 1080p/60fps. No. Sony said support up to.

**The PlayStation 3 will include BluRay , the high definition DVD technology, and support games in resolutions of up to 1080p, (the highest supported standard on the market**

Somehow, some gamers see what they want to see and claim more than what is being offered. Twisting facts. But resolution don't change gameplay. Gameplay has to be fun at any resolution. And the X won't display all games at 4K either. Even though they promoted it at E3 as such until they backed off and said it was up to developers. Which, anyone with common sense knew that. They just were misleading like they always do.

Obscure_Observer2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow

Show us a link where Microsoft said that all games would be native 4K

Even Richard Leadbetter from Digital Foundry said that Sony broke their promisse on 4K, since MOST games run at 1440p which is not even 4K range.

Liqu1d2216d ago

Did Sony promise native 4K on all games? I'm pretty sure they didn't so what promise did they break?

ApocalypseShadow2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Their initial Scorpio reveal pushed the idea of

"The highest resolution.""the best frame rate.""No compromises."

"You get 4K gaming."" True 4K resolution."

Phil Spencer himself before the reveal introduced it by saying

"Must deliver true 4K gaming and high fidelity VR."(2:30)

While most were reading scripts in the videos, they could have **EASILY** said **SUPPORTS** up to 4K on console. Nope. Never said it.

It was only until after the reveal did they say that it's up to developers when journalists called them on it. No journalist would have had to question it because it would have been already said on stage and in the video of Scorpio.

But no compromises meant all games will be 4K. They were trying to mislead as they did with Kinect capability, Hololens displayed at E3 while hiding how you truly see it in that small FOV but never released for console, games displayed on high end PCs before Xbox one launch, etc. They have a history of misleading consumers. Like console launch exclusive and world premiere exclusive nonsense.

And where is" high fidelity VR?" No where to be found.

NoPeace_Walker2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Apocalypse, I didn't see a "ALL" at all with the quotes you provided.

You are trying to hard buddy. Just chill.

Obscure_Observer2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )


By Richard Leadbetter

"And let's be clear - 4K done right is simply glorious. We've seen it this week with the excellent WipEout Omega Collection, while Guerrilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn is a breathtaking ultra HD experience. In fact, there are a big bunch of beautiful 4K games on PS4 Pro: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Ratchet and Clank, Resogun, COD Infinite Warfare and Thumper, for example. The Gran Turismo Sport beta also promises great things.

But there are disappointments too. Despite retail box labelling to the contrary, Bethesda's Prey launched with no PS4 Pro support at all and when the upgrades did arrive, they looked fairly subtle. Tekken 7 brings 1080p resolution, improved texture filtering and minor effects upgrades. It's nicer than the same game running on base hardware, but not to the extent that makes a console upgrade justifiable. And it's the same with Dirt 4, released this week. It's still 1080p, but with improved anti-aliasing and other, less obvious visual boosts. Again, given the choice, we'd play all of these titles on Pro, but these kinds of upgrades aren't really what we were PROMISSED when the hardware was announced to much fanfare last September. It's more akin to the kind of boost you get when moving up a rung on the PC graphics card ladder."


Yeah, Sony sold people a 4K console which runs "enhanced" games at the same resolution as the base PS4.

2214d ago
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freshslicepizza2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

GT Sport was initally advertised as 4K, it wasn't until months later they retracted and said checkerboarding but of course you never seem to hold Sony to same standards you do with Microsoft. Moving forward it looks like all 1st party titles will be 4K on the XB1X, how many Sony 1st party games are native 4K?


2016 advertisement for GT Sport, it says 4K on the Pro. Even the Polyphony website said that last year. Just like the first trailer for PSVR and GT Sport showing multiple cars onscreen at once. See, Sony is always misleading

LP-Eleven2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

All in-house games SHOULD be 4K on the X, since, as others have pointed out, it's been hyped up to Hell and back as "THE 4K DEVICE". Now, all of a sudden, you want to throw shade at Sony, when those were never their words.

You want to know when the true "era of 4K" arrived? On Gaming PCs. Many moons ago.

2214d ago
LP-Eleven2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

@ImGumbyDammit: There are quite a bit of PCs out there that have, and can play, games in 4K. So you're actually wrong about that.

Regardless, no matter what spin is applied, the era of 4K didn't arrive with the Xbox One X.

Jinger2214d ago


According to steams October 2017 data only 0.52% of PC's run 4k


nix2214d ago

Jinger, that's probably the real percentage of ppl who owns 4k TV also.

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bluefox7552214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Neither consoles are perfect 4k machines, and both make substantial compromises compared to their PC counterparts. That is fine btw, but there's so much dishonesty. If you want a mid-gen console, that's perfectly fine, people just need to stop lying about their capabilities.

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Valkron12214d ago

I love all the bitching from PS4 and PC fanboys saying what the X isn’t. Envy leads to hate. Hate leads to anger. Anger leads to fear. Fear leads to fanboys, Antifa, and social justice warriors

FreddyFazbear2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

I love how you guys praise Xbox One X like since man discovered fire. Resolution is a gamechanger now?? 4k is a gamechanger now?? Ridiculous and annoying articles deserves Ridiculous and annoying comments.

2214d ago
Jinger2214d ago

Depends on the resolution jump and texture resolution jump. Was the jump from upscaled 720 to native 1080 not a significant jump?

Phill-Spencer2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )


But but x1x is for those who want the best possible visuals and performance in 3rd party games, and no it isn't strange that the same people went with the weaker current gen console for the last 4 years. 😂

So they obviously aren't just exposed hardcore brand loyalists. 😉

TheHunter812214d ago

Games over resolution.

End of story.