Microsoft Xbox One X review: A beast of a console at a steep price

Microsoft's Xbox One X is an engineering wonder with tons of power, but its steep price will be hard for some to overcome.

codelyoko2218d ago

The price isn't steep at all for what's in it

2pacalypsenow2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Gamers don't see it that way.

Look at at the Ps3, it was a crazy deal for $600, and then look at all the criticism it got.

2218d ago
NoPeace_Walker2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

The X ain't no 3DO or Neo Neo pricing...now those are steep prices compared to the Beast.

2pacalypsenow2218d ago


Blu ray Drive, unmatched media capabilities, Wi-FI, Ps1/Ps2 BC, and PS3 games for $600 was a bad deal?

The cheapest Blu ray drive in 2006 was $999

darthv722218d ago

$600 was not a good deal despite the inclusion of the bluray, wifi and such. Not when you compare the games being equal to or worse than the 360 (using DVD technology).

And the cheapest bluray was actually $400 at the time of the PS4 release. A sony one no less because it was competing with Toshiba hddvd stand alone players for the same price.

Don't you remember the 6-7 free movie give aways they were doing at the time when you bought a player?

2pacalypsenow2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )


Can you link me that $400 Blu ray drive in 2006? Also you cant compare the Xbox 360 lineup to the PS3 at the Ps3 launch since the Xbox 360 had been out for a whole year already.

I'm Pretty certain the BDP-S1 (Sonys first Blu ray player) was $999, I know because I still have mine.

freshslicepizza2217d ago

"Look at at the Ps3, it was a crazy deal for $600, and then look at all the criticism it got."

And it still sold as well as the Xbox 360 early on and then outpaced the Xbox 360 in sales. So what does that tell you, blind loyalty or that people will still pay for expensive toys?

"Blu ray Drive, unmatched media capabilities, Wi-FI, Ps1/Ps2 BC, and PS3 games for $600 was a bad deal?"

And the XB1X comes with a ultra 4K bluray drive, freesync support and Dolby Atmos support. But guess what, you guys keep moving the golaposts and now will say nobody cares about those things. Make up your bloody minds. The fact is you guys wil figure out any reason why the XB1X isn't valuable while searching the globe why Playstation is.

2pacalypsenow2217d ago


The Ps3 has atmos support...

And its a different market now than it was in 2006. Ps4 still has the better exclusive games to go along with all the 3rd party games the xbox 1 has.

timotim2217d ago

The PS3 was a horrible deal for $600 haha. No digital store integreated with the console, no competing online service, games that ran worse than its 360 counterpart, no trophie system. It was terrble...it got criticized for not being very good and rightfully so.

2217d ago
Skull5212217d ago

PS3 was a total flop. Do people not remember it sold like less than half as many than the PS2?

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darthv722218d ago

the original xbo @ $500 was steep in comparison to the cheaper / better PS4, the X is a much better bang for the buck this time at the same price.

LP-Eleven2217d ago

Doesn't change the notion that $500 is steep for a console, no matter what it's in the box.

DARK_WOLF2217d ago

I forget most of you are children/teens so yeah i guess $500 is steep for you lot.

Good luck buying a car one day with that mentality 😂

LP-Eleven2217d ago

Not only do I have a car, but a gaming device that's many times more expensive the the One X. You can deflect/insult (ironic, too) or what have you, and the bottom line still won't change.

DARK_WOLF2217d ago

You basically said $500 is steep no matter what it is.

Load of bull. Its cheaper than most decent gfx cards

LP-Eleven2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Yes, $500 is steep for a modern gaming console. Even Microsoft acknowledge this when they specify that it is for the "Premium Consumer". Whether it's cheaper than most graphics cards or not is irrelevant to that point.


Everytime someone post a positive xbox 1x review they always gotta ad that "but" as if they are scared to piss off a certain fan base for being to nice to MS . The price is fine and if you can't afford 500 then it's simply not for you. I haven't heard a single person who really knows about tech say the price is to high. It's a great price for the tech inside the box.

Trueflames2217d ago

I think the price is right for the beast look at all your getting is fair for the 4k era

timotim2217d ago

Actually the price is a steal when for what you get. Sure, theres always cheaper options in life, but if you value playing your games at the highest level for consoles then X is well worth the price.

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