Xbox One X hardware review – is Microsoft’s new console worth it?

The Xbox One X isn’t going to revolutionise gaming, and it’s absolutely not the start of a new generation of consoles. But it is the most powerful machine currently available and a much more convincing argument in favour of mid-generation upgrades than the slightly half-hearted PS4 Pro.

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XStation4pio_Pro442d ago

oh snap! im gonna do some nice photography on the Scoprio edition when it arrives. Haven't seen enough detail on that.

dirkdady442d ago

So final verdict from article:
If you have a 4K TV get it
If not don't bother
Is it going to revolutionize gaming, No.

Basically the gist of article

ForeignFly442d ago

Best Buy did me a favor, they cancelled my pre I don't feel as though I need to replay 10 yr old games in 4k.....

Darkstryder360442d ago

That's a cool story.