Erica Will Change How We Think About Video Games

The upcoming PS4 mystery thriller is redefining what it means to design a game.

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OB1Biker715d ago

Yes, Im actually very intrigued by this game. Good stuff.
I hope the price is right.

Jurat714d ago

Thanks for putting this on my radar; completely missed any coverage of this at PGW.

Full Motion Video can be hit and miss (I felt Quantum Break suffered from relying to heavily on it) but the new control scheme makes this title stand out - i like the idea of watching events unfold and then controlling decisions with your smartphone/tablet - this could pave the way for a whoel generation of interactive fiction.

Iceball2000713d ago

I have a cousin named Erica, she’s a slut.

xX-oldboy-Xx713d ago

Who doesn't love a slut? Better then the alternative.

LordMaim713d ago

Anyone else remember FMV games from the 90's? This isn't anything new, just better looking.

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