Xbox One X Enhanced 1080p Images & Videos Leaked Early For Multiple Enhanced Games

ThisGenGaming says "An early Xbox One X owner has showcased some early footage for Xbox One X enhanced games including Halo 5 and Gears Of War 4, and they look amazing even at 1080p."

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Kribwalker447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

some of those pics look really good. can’t wait

darthv72446d ago

There's not a lot of fighters on the xbo but it sure is nice to see KI still get some attention. Such a fun game.

Gunstar75446d ago

Just watched the DF videos published today. It's looking really positive.

Obviously we need to put the N4G trolls contingent into perspective.... Xbox one X's competition will suddenly be high end Pc's and graphics no longer matter unless naughty dog pump 'em out.

I'm really looking forward to playing some of my favourite Xbox games as they always should have been played.

Happy gamer over here 😄😄😄 28516;

WilliamSheridan446d ago

My only concern ( I'm a fan of both consoles, I have a Pro and I've been on Xbox Live since the beta ) is that the console seems to run a little warm and uses quite a bit of power.

Unspoken446d ago

Both expected? Make sure you have proper ventilation as has been the case for the past 5 generations.

BadElf446d ago

No side by side comparison of Original Xbox One screens with XBox One X screens (1080p)??? How do we know what the enhancement looks like if we dont see original screens as well? Or am I just missing those?

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