PS Plus November Games Are Sad And Sorry Save For Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

Sony rolled out the details for almost 10 free games that PS Plus subscribers will gain access to throughout November. The list was outlined over on the PlayStation Blog, where majority of the games that are free aren’t very impressive at all.

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andrewsquall1414d ago

Bound is sad and sorry? Because a garbage game like Thief would have been better only because it's classified as overhyped but disappointing triple A? Get out of here author.

ruefrak1414d ago

In all fairness, the site is called "One Angry Gamer." Can you really expect anything positive coming out of something like that? It's really kind of stupid actually... I mean, if you're always going to be angry at video games then maybe you should find a different hobby.

PapaBop1414d ago

Everyone keeps talking up Bound but what about Worms? Am I the only one excited for some nostalgic fun? I haven't looked it up so know nothing about the game but assuming it stays true to the formula, I can't wait to give it a go.

ocelot071414d ago

Am there with you. Not played a Worms game since the PSP and am looking forward to trying this one out.

uth111414d ago

How quickly everyone forgets the string of impressive months ps+ just had

Goldby1414d ago

Not to mention that we are also getting 2 psvr supported titles this month

Movefasta19931414d ago

They delivered for several months now.

opinionated1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Why waste good game releases on call of duty month? assassins creed, Mario, wolfenstein, etc. It wouldn’t matter what Sony or Microsoft put out, people are playing games they paid 60 dollars for. They aren’t getting anal about the price of one month of PS Plus lmao. Dumb article.

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