10 PlayStation Paris Games Week Disappointments

Sony had a pretty great PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference, but there were some disappointing moments sprinkled within, and room for improvement.

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Darkstryder360353d ago

No Bloodborne 2 released during the conference is the main one..

Holding out hope for PSX

Liqu1d353d ago

Bloodborne 2 is never happening.

Darkstryder360353d ago

So pessimistic on this website.

Liqu1d351d ago

It's not pessimism, it's reality. Miyazaki has said he's done with Souls of games and wants From Software to try new things. Sony are unlikely to do it themselves unless Miyazaki is on board. I'd love BB2 but I know it's not happening so I'm not holding out hope an announcement.

OB1Biker353d ago

Well they reveal what they want to reveal according to the development time. So if theres a BB2 in development then it doesnt matter when it will be revealed. My main disappointment is there wasnt a Days Gone update and it looks uncertain for next year.

Lighter9353d ago

They chose to show TLoU2 instead of Days Gone. They probably don't want one game upstaging the other, because they're both zombie-ish games.

OB1Biker353d ago

I can understand it maybe confusing for casual gamers. I havent seen any source, even unreliable, backing these speculations though

Lighter9353d ago


Just a guess. I don't remember them showing both games at any show.

OB1Biker353d ago

Well its still early but I guess they will have to show both at some point.
a bit off topic but I just watched again TLOU2 trailer. Did you notice how 'anna' has a quick glance at the hanged men just after 'Emily' shows her knife?
these guys were gutted too and the question is why?