Gran Turismo Sport Review: Gorgeous in Motion | Gamezone

GT Sport is a gorgeous racer that relies on its flawless simulation over its car roster and content.

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woodtock1062d ago

Decent game that is a little bit disappointing......

Crazyglues1061d ago

could not have said it better, it looks amazing, it plays really nice, but yet it feels a little disappointing as the menu is all over the place, yes there are a lot of things on the home screen, but surely this could have been made more simple to nav.. like going to garage and livery editor, that all could have just been in the garage menu...(just one thing I didn't really like, but that's minor)

The games real problem is always online for no-reason, so the few times the servers did go down I could not turn the game off because I had to make sure my progress saved... stupid. (and once servers are down you can't play nothing) Not even a dry practice run... wtf

Also don't like that there is this amazing set of cars you get, and no garage... all this live backgrounds, amazing graphics and we get no garage to put our babies in... it just a list, in 2017 it's just a list, really.... wow

Would have loved a garage and a simple picture mood, like driveclub or assassin creed origin.. to just take snaps quick and easy.. but I guess that's what the share button is for...

would have loved better customization, but this is GT Sport I guess.. same as before... which feels like nothing, can't change hood, skirts, spoilers... seems strange but whatever...

It's still a good game, but not really that much here.. less cars.. few race challenges, but once your done with those game feels like it's over.. I feel like there was way more to do in DriveClub then in this... Also scapes get's boring quick, wish it was more like a free cam were you can really set up your shots, do anything, but that's minor I guess...

Funny to say, but there really still is no simple damage, but whatever, I guess that's just not GT -- Just funny it's 2017 and they still don't get it. Weather effects, what weather, there is weather in this? LoL I think that says it all..