PC Version of Nioh Does Not Have Mouse Support

Koei Tecmo has revealed that the PC release of Nioh: Complete Edition lacks mouse support.

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Blu3_Berry2039d ago


Ummmm, how da hell do we move the camera then? With the arrow keys????

I'm sorry, but I can already see this having extremely bombard negative reviews on steam simply for being a bad port. No mouse controls????? I never heard of that before.

Movefasta19932039d ago

3rd person action games play way better with a controller anyways.

freshslicepizza2039d ago

It's not the point. Why do Japanese developers struggle so much with PC ports?

TekoIie2039d ago


Mouse and Keyboard support should be mandatory even if its an inferior control method for said game.

Mister_G2039d ago

Such a fast game, having a mouse to look around with.... think my head would spin :)

stefd752039d ago

I would not even know how to play this with a mouse, I have it on PS4 and a controller is the way to go, but then I would not play any Dark Souls game on PC with a mouse either. There is nothing wrong with using a gamepad on a PC i dont know why some PC gamers dont like them.

Blu3_Berry2039d ago

That's not it though. The game should equally have good PC controls. Yes a gamepad would be recommended but not everyone has a gamepad. They should at least try to make decent PC controls but it seems here that they didn't even bother trying.

rocketpanda2039d ago

Japanese devs are generally terrible at porting games to the PC, but as long as there isn't performance problems. Adding in mouse support can be easily patched and I hope they do. This isn't a case of the game playing better with a controller which it does, you simply cannot leave out mouse support on the PC platform.

TankCrossing2039d ago

Just be grateful there isn't a PS3 version of Nioh. If there was then Tecmo would probably have ported that version over to the PC. They've got form for that.

Fishy Fingers2039d ago

Obviously much more suited to a controller but seems silly not to support a mouse too, can’t be difficult to implement. Expect someone will mod it and do the developers job for them.

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