The Last of Us Part 2 and Why Video Game Violence Shouldn't Be Associated with Maturity

Gamerevolution: “I found the recent The Last of Us Part 2 trailer unsettling, and not in a good way. As I explained in a feature earlier this week, while I loved The Last of Us and found that its brutal violence served its desperate, ruthless world well, closing a press conference with a trailer featuring a kid's arm being turned into mulch felt like a misguided attempt to illicit shock out of viewers.”

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Lamboomington352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Why don't you actually counter the argument he made ? He's just saying he thought that such violence was too much shock value and nothing else, almost just for the sake of it, and I can understand what he's saying just taking the trailer in itself.

Pretty basic criticism of violence (just like any other aspect of a game) shown in the trailer.

I happen to disagree with the author here, but I'm cringing at these comments. "Snowflake, shitty journalist trying to cash in, n4g needs to ban...".

staticall352d ago

I'm sorry, but what to counter here? Do you read in kid's books/see in kid's TV shows about torture, people breaking others hands with a hammer, people being hanged and/or shot to death? No? Then it makes such topics mature. You can't associate such topics with kids, it's just stupid.

And aside from that, trailer is designed to show what you will see/feel in the game, which clearly is some sorts of fanatics trying to bend people to their will/believes. If they can't do it, they're disposing of such people. Basically, they're trying to show a downfall of humanity, which is a common theme among "zombie apocalypse" kind of games. Violence is a great way to show that. I mean, you don't expect people to be friendly/share food and/or cover to each other when some monstrosity is right around the corner.

And once again, such topics are a sign of mature game/themes.

Cupid_Viper_3352d ago

Um.. there's actually nothing to counter. I think the trap here is actually in trying to counter a completely made up argument, therefore lending it some sort of credibility. What's being shown here is NOT journalism, not even a little bit. It's quite lazy and the sole purpose is to feign a moral high ground and create a fake controversy.

Take one look at the website claiming this nonsense and you'll see countless of violent games that were scored quite favorably without any of this suddenly 'too violent' criticism ever brought up...

After a conference in which Sony covered all of its bases almost flawlessly, this feels like a coordinated attack aking to throwing everything (including the kitchen sink) and seeing if anything sticks.

Concerns about PSVR and if Sony would support it long-term? They knocked it out of the park.
Concerns about PS4 Pro being unable to compete with the newer XBox One X? Knocked it out of the park.
Concerns about the fate of single player games? Knocked it out of the park.
Concerns about indies? About quality? What about MTs? etc...

There are plenty of actual stuff to cover. But this sh!t right there IS NOT one of them... And this is NOT JOURNALISM, it's nothing more than a sad attempt at sensationalism. Hence why he is rightly called a SNOWFLAKE.

Geeebeee352d ago

i think snowflake is a perfectly valid arguement.
what? you mean you don't understand? hmmm i see ... that is quite interesting

morganfell352d ago

"Why don't you actually counter the argument he made ?"

I did. Its called site blocked. I am not talking with, I am talking at them the same way you talk to any idiot. And I mean blocked at the host file level on windows. No fake BS blockers from the chrome store that still give them a click. Permablocked. Violence? let's see how they feel when fans start strangling their site.

352d ago
Zabatsu352d ago

Come on man. People have accepted this in the movie-industry for ages. It's about time they pushed mature gaming content forward.

Many-hat5352d ago

Just smile, and let it go!

TheKingKratos352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

What The fark did i just read ?
Part one was all about Brutal and violence
do you somehow forget the clickers when they rip off joel and ellie head in death scenes or how you make holes in your enemies head or blast half their face with a shutgun or slash them with axe or machete etc etc
or how you spell their guts

was i playing ""how to ride a Pony"" game or something in The last of us ?
Get the F over yourself already and go play a kiddy game or something if this is too much for you
I wonder how you guys were able to play any horror/survival or violent game before ?
and don't you ever go near God of war game or Dead Space 1/2

jc12352d ago

@Lamb - Welcome to the Trump revolution...its not pretty is it?

UCForce352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

You need to stop right there. I remembered Eurogamer interviewed with David Cage about "domestic violence" in Detroit Become Human new trailer. I couldn't stand with Eurogamer because David Cage got attacked by these "journalists".

Edit : @jc12 You are not helping.

TRGMatt352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Translation: "I don't understand literary devices and their impact on the consumer of said content."

@Cupid_Viper_3 - In his defense, this is an editorial and shouldn't be read as reporting. Editorials are still journalism. And unfortunately, overreaction is modern human nature. The only problem with this piece is that it isn't very thoughtful. THAT makes it poor journalism.

EatCrow352d ago

Well thats what he thought.
I personally thought it set the tone for the game. The world and environment and future struggles the characters will face.

morganfell352d ago


These are the same people that think Bengt Ekerot's role in The Seventh Seal is, Man in Robe. Imperceptive dullards. They only see the violence for the action that occurs and are completely incapable of shifting their thought processes mere inches past surface appearances.

This just in from gamerevolution, the peeling wallpaper in Barton Fink was unnecessary because it made the scenes look depressing.

subtenko352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

The argument is BS. I agree, stfu watch the trailer and buy the game. Dont care if you dont own a ps4, buy the game or get out!


rainslacker352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

I don't think they showed it to make it seem like the game was mature. The maturity thing was just a response to the criticism.

I think they showed what they did to show that the game would be darker, and have more going on than what we saw in the first game. It also left open lots of questions about who these characters were, and how it would relate to the story we know from the first game.

The trailer did what it was supposed to do. Give the game attention, and to get people talking. That's how hype is built.

it's the gaming press which is making it into something it isn't, and doing whatever they can to make it controversial. They don't say one word about the copious violence in other games which are shown routinely, but a high profile IP, which has everyone's attention, suddenly, it was too graphic.

Without fail, the gaming press makes themselves look more incompetent from one day to the next. The fact that they are so clueless about why something as simple as a trailer is shown only highlights just how out of tune they are with the industry which they supposedly report on.

remember when in heavy rain the guy had to cut off his finger? I do, and I recall how many websites said how it was an intense scene that actually made you feel fear from the sheer suspense of it all.

Remember when they first showed game play for TLOU, and Ellie comes in and stabs a guy in the neck to save Joel, and then the trailer closes off with Joel blowing a guys head off at close range with a shotgun? I do. I also remember how everyone in the crowd cheered at the awesomeness of the scenes in question.

Violence has it's place. Violence evokes emotion. Story based games have to evoke emotion. The violence is a backdrop to the overall story, and it's used to add more antagonism to the plot. It's not there to make it more mature. it becomes more mature because of the violence, but that's just incidental.

Effect follows cause, not the other way around.

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Many-hat5352d ago

I'm pretty sure, the trailer didn't worry you in the slightest, did it?

Aceman18352d ago

Like I said in another article I winced but that's not going to stop me from buying this game or Detroit Being Human. Those scenes just made me want to play them more as I want to know more about characters and story.

Also I've seen more violent movies and shows and if I can stomach those I can handle this two games.

OB1Biker352d ago

From the article:
'Neil Druckmann discusses the upgrades made to the game's graphics engine while the trailer plays in the background. "This is the evolution of our Naughty Dog engine," he says, as the young woman is depicted being dragged on her knees along the wet floor with her hands tied behind her back. He goes on to discuss the improved musculature of the game's characters and their upgraded facial animations, as we see the two burly guards carrying the woman throwing her into the sodden dirt.'
The guy is clearly immature if he doesnt get none of that is real.

Ceaser9857361352d ago

I find it such hypocritical that people are fine with brutality violence in Movies and Books but since Its in a Game lets burn them... GTFO .. Enough is Enough.. If you dont like it Ignore it.. Simple...

joab777352d ago

Every podcast has an issue because of lack of context. What? Here’s some context for TLoU2, it a dark and violent world in which people are trying to survive. All of these ppl played TLoU, so why is there an issue with this trailer?

rainslacker352d ago

So many trailers for movies or games leave a good chunk of the context out of what they show. The trailers are supposed to give you an idea about the game/movie, but not actually tell the whole story. The point of a trailer is to get people to want to learn/see/experience more. If people want to know the full context, then buy the game. in the mean time, people will take the trailer for what it is, a brief taste of what to expect. They'll discuss what it may mean, or avoid any potential spoilers.

The last thing I want right now is context, because i'd rather have the experience when it comes. I might want to know who the characters are to be able to ponder deeper, but I can live without it, and historically, we have all had no problem doing so, unless we want to fuss about things we don't actually know.

All in all, it's the lack of context which most people base their arguments on, which typically, makes their arguments completely pointless.

jc12352d ago

@UCForce: I'll say whatever I want...thanks. Stop trying to be a MBJW - message board justice warrior.

UCForce352d ago

Sure, but you just make poorly statement.

Segata351d ago

Lamest version of an insult ever. Lamer than Cracker.

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faysal353d ago

shitty journalist trying to cash in with irrelevant opinions... nothing to see here.

Dlacy13g352d ago

Or maybe it's the masses of video gamers being overly sensitive to a critique of a violent trailer? Author made a decent point about the shot of the hammer to the elbow. It is a strictly shock value scene. Probably would have been just as effective doing a reverse angle showing the man hammer down and not seeing the impact but hearing the scream of pain. We can depict brutality effectively without shoving the depiction in ones face. Suggesting ND could have done it differently doesn't mean the author is against the game. I think the author was pretty clear on being a fan of The Last of Us.

What amuses me is this knee jerk reaction from fans of the game rushing to defend it and calling the site/article irrelevant or asking like the poster below to ban the site... I don't think stifling any opinions that don't match our own is the right path. Constructive conversation is the far better route imo.

faysal352d ago

why would ND do it differently? if they did do it like the author suggest then clearly it wouldn't be as effective since no one would be talking about it! so yes ND got it right in the first place, since they got everyone talking about the game...

it's their game made for the mature audience. they can make the game as they see fit! if special snowflake feel bad then go make your own game. don't push your BS in to other people. why the fuck should a creator shy away from violence in a violent world, where everyone is trying to survive from crazy "zombies" who will tear you limb from limb, to people who are killing and eating other humans to survive. yet a few hammer blow to the hand is considered the most violent thing ever?! did these idiots even play last of us?

one thing for sure, if catastrophe happens in real life, i know exactly what will happen to these special snowflakes... they will be the fist to die.

Dlacy13g352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

@faysal Well first off you kind of prove the authors point by your first statement "they got everyone talking about the game..." meaning the shot was put in the trailer for the very specific reason of the "gore factor". I do agree ND can make the game they want to make and I am pretty sure the author echoes that statement in the article. The article is more a statement about what shots they chose for the trailer vs the game itself.

"one thing for sure, if catastrophe happens in real life, i know exactly what will happen to these special snowflakes... they will be the fist to die." No pretty sure the first to die will be the over zealous types that think real life will play out like a video game. The more cautious (snowflakes included) who band together and understand helping each other is the only real course will be the ones that ultimately survive.

UCForce352d ago

ND did said last year that The Last Of Us Part 2 Theme going to be about Hate. Meaning the game will be more brutal than first one. I thought people have expected this, but some people just got offended by it. Ugh.

rainslacker352d ago

Just because they could have done it differently doesn't mean that ND wanted to, nor that they should have. It's fine if someone wants to say they would have preferred that, but their opinion is just that, and they themselves aren't the creators of the game.

Having such an opinion or idea on how to approach such a thing doesn't mean that it's a good staging ground for discussing the whether mature games are mature because of violence, or if the violence just happens to make them mature....particularly when they don't explore which comes first.

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subtenko352d ago

exactly, I can smell the next 'article' a mile away, probably another one by end of the day from somebody. I dont click them, I am well versed in knowing whats up

Araragifeels 353d ago

N4G need to Blacklist gamerevolution or any others website who are offended for anything. GTA had a torture scene and go on a killing spree, Manhunt was completely violent, Black Ops 1 Bowman head was hit with a pipe or enemy body parts blow up, Black ops 2 you went on killing spree with a machete, God Of War brutality punch the crap of Hercules until there was no face, Witcher 3 had people hang on a tree or burning alive, The Walking Dead Season 2 Clementine cut a woman hand off, kill a dog, Season 3 MC niece was shot in the head, Hitman strangle people, more. Anyone who say that violence shouldn't be associated with mature game is delusional, snowflake, no common sense, and ignorant and they should just play Mario or Barbie if they want rainbow and stars.

tontontam0352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

I find war games more brutal, I find it disgusting that I'm shooting people who only wants to protect their families.

ShadowWolf712352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

lmao that's adorably naive.

tontontam0352d ago

That's a brutally mature comment.

Lamboomington352d ago

"Anyone who say that violence shouldn't be associated with mature game is delusional, snowflake, no common sense"

He's not saying that. He's saying that violence and brutality don't make something mature, and he's right in saying that. You can have a silly, immature title that just throws around violence as a cheap shock value tactic.

I don't think TLOU 2 will be like that, ofcourse, but that's not the point.

Also, most of the examples you gave weren't as disturbing as this in presentation. GTA 5's torture scene is very disturbing though, I think almost on par with this scene. The actual 'killing' part of most games is not disturbing at all. It's pulling a trigger and watching an enemy fall and that's it.

OB1Biker352d ago

I see more shocking scenes every day on tv, even on kid channels.
come on, its high time the gaming media caught up with any other media. Like I said elsewhere only informed gamers watch the show and most gamers and family watch later only the trailers they want to. Everyone knows this game is for mature audience. Violence of human beings is precisely the theme of the game

The_Sage352d ago

In God of War you pull Helios' head from his body while he's screaming. The girls arm being hit with a hammer doesn't come close to that, and it has a bunch of people upset?...

What makes the content mature is that you need to be mature enough to know this is make believe. No one actually got hurt. If you find this upsetting, you may not be mature enough to play it.

ps360s352d ago

Actually even Mario would be class as violence for them because jumping on top of enemies popping them off killing them!

some 'journalism' just have to bring something good down

EatCrow352d ago

Throwing fireballs and eating shrooms that give you magical abilities....yup ...thats not suspicious at all in terms of content for children. lol.

rainslacker352d ago


Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are extremely mature works of art. Not so much violence, but the themes that exist with the stories.

However, it's a much loved childrens story nowadays due to Disneyfication. Even though Disney's representation actually do keep a lot of the mature themes in place.

I think the people that say that just making something violent, or things that use adult themes, aren't mature, think that such actually are what make something mature, and just aren't into the representations themselves. They tend to discount the fact that the story or work of art set out to explore these themes, thus became a mature work in the process.

Of course, there are gratuitous representations of adult themes in many forms of media, which are probably done in a shallow attempt to seem more mature, but they're still made for a mature audience.

TheOttomatic91352d ago

*rolls eyes so far they go to back of head*

Why o why352d ago

You a clicker now. . . . ☹

TheOttomatic91352d ago

PFFTHAHAHAHA (literally loled there)

EatCrow352d ago

Im wondering who does the clicking sounds...they sound funny.