Are you going to be picking up Switch ports like Skyrim?

Or are you fine having played them a million times across your multiple copies.

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Jinger402d ago

No. Exclusives and some indies

cleft5401d ago

I dont know honestly. I have played Skyrim a lot, but the idea of playing Skyrim on the Go does appeal to me. I don't know, maybe I will, probably not Day 1 at full price though.

Jinger401d ago

If i'm buying Skyrim again its going to be for PSVR haha

Antnee534401d ago

Just be warned guys last time it showed up in the news the vr version was terrible. I hope so is not the case when released because vr for skyrim and fallout sound fucking awesome

xPhearR3dx401d ago


I assume you're referring to the teleportation? If so, that's been completely removed. In case you weren't aware.

My issue is VR in general. I'm so close to getting into it, but I'm not sure if the price is right compared to the enjoyment I'll get out of it. I feel like I could get the HTV Vive, but then not use as much as I think and there goes $600. Or I could go with the cheaper option and get the PSVR. But then I feel like if I enjoy it as much as I hope, or more. Than I'll regret not getting the Vive lol

CorndogBurglar401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I agree.

I'm pretty tired of Skyrim. I had it on my 360 last gen and I have the remaster of PS4.

I'm bought a Switch for my family for Christmas. I figure the PS4 and Switch are a great combination. Just like Xbox One and Switch would be.

I also have my laptop to feed my RTS hunger.

But PS4 or Xbone and Switch is a great combo to fill the 3rd party and Nintendo only exclusives. I feel like I'm covered pretty well. 3rd Party games for the PS4 only. Unless there's something I REALLLLLY want to play on the go.

FinalFantasyFanatic401d ago

It's going to be my secondary console, so I'll be just getting the exclusives. All the multi-plats can go to my PC or PS4.

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MetroidFREAK21402d ago

Yeah, getting this and Doom. Unsure about LA Noire though

Scatpants401d ago

LA Noire is not a very good game. The only thing it has going for it is the facial tech.

BadElf401d ago

I enjoyed looking at crime scenes. The world is empty though

Prince_TFK401d ago

Actually no, LA Noire was a great game imo. Each story in each chapter are very interesting. This game is just like a point and click adventure game being made in GTA style.

Segata401d ago

It's a good game, it just should have never been open world but being published by R* ..guessed they had to make it one.

Scatpants401d ago

It had parts that were good but for the most part it was average at best. I'd probably give it a 7

kevnb397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

The facial tech looks horrible to me, everyone looks like they are from thumb wars videos. Now uncharted 4 facial animations were great, la noire is a joke

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Eldyraen402d ago

Depends on the game.

Skyrim to me is worth it for a mobile option but wouldn’t buy it again if on the go wasn’t an option. Basically anything else has to follow suit, not buying something again solely for tv mode in other words unless they’re is a big reason why it’s “better” for Switch.

90% of my games will be Nintendo or Indie releases until bigger games release same day.

Hardiman402d ago

No just exclusives and any cool indie exclusives but I will get Skyrim VR!

Krysis401d ago

Yes, RPG on the go is now my bread and butter. I never played skein so it's a no brainer.