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Community2445d ago
OldGuyStillGaming2446d ago

So it is true
Well good thing we got new games to play this month and last month

UltraNova2445d ago

Well the streak had to end at some point....brokeasfawk is right though, the ps+ backlog is long!

akurtz2445d ago

i heard good things about bound. and rush of blood is a nice addition since i have psvr.
this month is a bit underwhelming but hey i got two more games to my library!

KickSpinFilter2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Bound is pretty cool, my daughter has been bothering me to get that ever since she played the demo Rush is fun for free but would never buy it

toddybad2445d ago

Bound is psvr compatible too.

OB1Biker2445d ago

Rush of blood is great fun

Outlawzz2445d ago

Bound is a strange game lol I like it tho I gta get around to finishing it

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CaptainObvious8782445d ago

Would of much preferred the newer worms.

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Genuine-User2445d ago

I'm looking forward to playing Bound and Broken Sword 5.

G20WLY2445d ago

Me too, always wanted Broken Sword 5 for the missus, but price was ridiculous!

Bound is supposed to be pretty gorgeous in VR, but I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the gameplay. Problem sorted!

I still would've preferred AAA games like last few months though, cos I'm a greedy git 😁

OB1Biker2445d ago

Good month for PSVR and Vita

Why o why2445d ago

This is the 2nd time they've given us broken sword 5. I'm sure I didn't buy it yet I have it. .

bluefox7552445d ago

I wouldn't say horrible, it's decent, just not as good as the last few.

2445d ago
AngelicIceDiamond2445d ago

I agree Its not lookin too hot. It is gaming season its to be expected.

Cyro2445d ago

Yeah unless you have PSVR

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Goldby2445d ago

Bound in VR is pretty awesome I must admit.
The art style goes perfectly with the VR headset

Knushwood Butt2445d ago

They are great developers. Deserving of support.

Goldby2445d ago

I really wish thatgamecompany would add VR support for Journey. If any game deserves the VR support its that one

Xenophon_York2445d ago

Journey in VR? How is this not a thing already? Time to Twitterstorm....

Darkstryder3602445d ago

Haven't got PSVR but if I ever do, I will want to play this Until Dawn experience!

Xaphy2445d ago

It has some good jump scares I’ll tell you that

Segata2445d ago

Meh. The game didn't get me. Was all pretty predictable if you have watched as much horror films as I have.

OB1Biker2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Definitely pick it up in your library to download possibly later if you end up getting a psvr
Its a fun shooter game