Horizon: The Frozen Wilds Improves Facial Animations in Conversation

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s facial animations are lightyears ahead of what you tend to see in the role-playing genre’s best, but they were still the low-point in an otherwise immensely impressive experience. It’s exciting to learn, then, that expansion pack The Frozen Wilds will feature better mo-cap and more dynamic camerawork during conversations – although the improvements will obviously only apply to the new quests.

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DarkOcelet2035d ago

"According to IGN, developer Guerrilla’s claiming that the add-on will take 15 hours to complete – around about a third of the main campaign."

Damn! Thats a really long dlc. Keep up the awesome work guerilla. I cant wait to see what you will do in HZD 2.

TheKingKratos2035d ago

can i buy it on CD or it downloadable only ?

DarkOcelet2035d ago

The expansion is downloadable only and you need the base game to play it.

TheKingKratos2035d ago

i have the game but don't have money on my account

DarkOcelet2035d ago

Then I guess its time to put some money in your account. If you don't have or don't use a credit card. Just go into any game store near you, they should have PSN gift cards which can be redeemed instantly without the need of putting any CC info in your PS account.

Xenophon_York2035d ago

What?! Even BETTER facial animations? It was nearly completely life-like before. Excited.

Darkwatchman2035d ago

It wasn’t nearly life like before, but it was a cut above other open world games and massive rpg’s. Comparing the facial animations to Uncharted 4, though, and it’s no contest.

Xenophon_York2035d ago

Not sure what kind of faces you're used to looking at, but as someone less than a year away from graduating (with honors) with a bachelor's degree in cinematography....yes it does.

Servbot412035d ago

The facial animations for main characters was alright, the problem was the completely static animations for the rest of the body during dialogue. People don't just stand there like that.

PlayableGamez-2035d ago

Did you also minor in Smug Idiot Studies to?

KwietStorm_BLM2035d ago

It certainly was not anywhere near life-like. That's why it was a talking point when the game came out, and that's why it apparently for improved. They look stiff in conversation and their eyes are very static. Guerilla themselves even talked about how the lipsyncing wasn't all there initially.

KickSpinFilter2035d ago

Looking at and watching are two different things.
As an animator the facial animations were way off, uncanny valley all over the place.
As character models go amazingly Rendered.
Back to class I guess.

RyanShutup2035d ago

@Xenophon have you played "The Order 1886?" The game got shat on pretty hard for some repetitive gameplay elements, but it's probably one of the top games of all time concerning facial animations and cinematography. You can pick it up for a few bucks these days... def worth checking out, especially because of your degree.

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jerethdagryphon2035d ago

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Nodoze2035d ago

Cannot wait. I put this one on pause for the core campaign so that I can FULLY explore and play once the DLC hits. So excited. What I played was positively EPIC. Looked stunning, and was just a blast to play.

LP-Eleven2035d ago

Yeah, never mind the facial animation, 15 hours is a whole other game to play! So this is fantastic!

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