28 Minutes of Skyrim VR Gameplay

We get both our hands on the PSVR version of Skyrim.

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freshslicepizza1259d ago

Running smoothly but looks kind of blurry.

Goldby1259d ago

may want to get your eyes checks, just watched the video and i didnt notice any blurriness

milohighclub1259d ago

Stutters quite a bit... alright hopefully they allow you to buy the patch again cos I'm not paying £50 for this game again.. already have twice.

Relientk771259d ago

Then put your glasses on.

Jinger1259d ago

Unfortunately that is the nature of the PSVR... I love the thing, but looks have to be sacrificed to keep the FPS standards in check so people aren't getting sick.

Whats good tho is once you're plugged into the headset and get immersed you pretty much don't care about the extra jaggies and pixelation.

1259d ago
Cohagen4201259d ago

I can't wait for someone to track down your ip address and kick the shit out of you, useless waste of space.

Aggesan1259d ago

Social screen output is a lower resolution and compressed feed sent from the psvr processor unit to the television. It's not representative of what the person wearing the psvr sees. Alot of people have tried my PSVR, and no one has complained about it being blurry.

DrumBeat1258d ago

Come on. That actually looks really damn good for PSVR.

generic-user-name1258d ago

Oh, you've played it? Or just judging based on the lower quality social screen output?

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Hardiman1259d ago

So cool! I can't wait for this, Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR!

1259d ago
Nodoze1259d ago

Looks pretty good, but what about the motion sickness? I would imagine that movement would make someone pretty sick after awhile. Could be wrong, and overall this looks very good.

GamingSinceForever1259d ago

My only regret regarding VR. I simply can't play longer than an hour at a time before I begin to sweat and feel nauseous.

Other than that it is some amazing tech.

Goldby1259d ago

depending on the type of game, you may want to consider putting a fan infront of you on a low speed, it will help with the motion sickness as the breeze will tell your brain you are in fact moving

TankCrossing1259d ago

A fan was the difference between me being able to play Dirt Rally, and me feeling sick immediately. I haven't gone back to many other games since getting the fan out, because Dirt Rally is bloody good in VR :)

TankCrossing1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I think it supports a few locomotion options, including teleportation. The way the view narrows on movement does help with motion sickness to some degree too.

The guy playing must be completely immune to sickness though. Turning like that and going up/down inclines would pretty much knock me out.

sander97021259d ago

I think the vignetting you see prevents motion sickness but I don't know for sure.

Xenophon_York1258d ago

The vignetting is optional. Suppose to be able to set the opacity.

Hanilugtehul1259d ago

I got use to the psvr after about two weeks. I did feel motion sickness but after about two weeks it went away. And now i can play any psvr game without feeling any motion sickness. Driveclubvr res7 dirt rally and other big games should not be played before the motion sickness issue is gone. Start with small games where you dont move to much and you should be fine. wheel set ups the aim controller and the move controllers really help to reduce the motion sickness. Peace:)

generic-user-name1258d ago

There's a bunch of options for weak stomachs, including teleportation.

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Geeebeee1259d ago

28 mins! sounds great.
was worried after reading an article saying the game caused serious motion sickness. looks like that isn't the case anymore :)

XStation4pio_Pro1259d ago

Cool that it works. Definitely not a looker.

generic-user-name1258d ago

6 year old game not a looker?

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