Was PlayStation's Paris Conference Their Saving Grace?

Hosts Joseph and Sean Capri, talk about their overall thoughts on The
PlayStation Conference at Paris Games week.The guys talk about whether or not Sony did a good job showing a bright future for VR. They discuss the need for release dates on titles like God of War. Whether Sony should stop showing Last of Us Part 2 footage. Lastly, was this conference even necessary?

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PhoenixUp403d ago

Saving grace from what? The PlayStation brand already had immensive hype and this conference just added even more of what was already there. PSX in turn will do the same in December

andrewsquall403d ago

Maybe because they knew they were going to impress people even more at TGS, PGW, VGAs AND PSX for the rest of the year.

What console's games do YOU think we are all going to be talking about and will be getting massive hits on Youtube with brand new trailers and gameplay in the months of Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec? Exactly.

Christopher403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Neither was the competition's. Heck, Ubisoft coming out ahead should tell you how lackluster console maker conferences were.

But, still, saving grace from a company that just payed highest profits since the 90s due in main part because of the gaming division?

jlove4life403d ago

But it was better than the other two consoles E3

Dark_Knightmare2403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Might not of been stellar like the previous two e3s but how could it when the previous two e3s are some of the best ever. The fact is with e3 and now pgw with psx still to come Sony has killed it this year especially compared to the competition

TheVetOfGaming403d ago

Neither is your general attitude when it comes to anything Sony. Quite pathetic the way you are on here.

OT - Sony are clearly doing fine. This article is nonsense.

AnubisG403d ago

I wasn't blown away by this years E3 Sony conference like I was with 2016 but it was not bad at all. Sony showed off games which is what matters on a video GAMING console. Something MS needs to learn very, very fast. We need competition otherwise the whole thing stagnates.

zackeroniii403d ago

the ps4 and sony definitely needed saving i mean...minecraft 4k...

Elda403d ago

Neither was MS/XBO E3 efforts.

freshslicepizza403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

I thought Nintendo was the best this year at E3 and they didn't even have a proper conference. They are really the only company who doesn't rely on third party to push their hardware and pad the length of their presentation.

Sony finally got caught with all the delays in the past so they didn't have much new to show. Microsoft pulled what Sony did in the past and used indies as their big selling point.

What's good about Sony is they don't concentrate all their efforts on E3 like Microsoft does. I'm beginning to think Nintendo's approach is rather genius. Just have Direct videos throughout the year.

GamingSinceForever403d ago

Sony could go an entire year without showing anything and they'd still have more in the pipeline exclusive wise than the competition. #Fact

Jaypi03403d ago

I agree with you but the masses will probably down vote you Sony's E3 conference was downright disappointing but of course people will defend it. Even with little games shown there still could've been a better conference.

WickedLester403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Only because they showed mostly what we already knew about....which was a lot. That doesn't change the fact that Sony is absolutely embarrassing the competition when it comes to both quality and quantity of content that's available and is GOING to be available in 2018.

Abnor_Mal403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Again I have to ask, why do many PlayStation fans take the bait that his guy always sets out. This article was NOT about E3 but PGW. Yet everyone allows this guy to change the topic at hand to something off topic. Neither Sony nor PlayStation needed a saving grace because for the entire generation PlayStation has been doing exceptionally well comparatively in regards to its closest so called "competition". The Paris confrence was an excellent show introducing brand new games for the PS4 family of systems, gave more insight to exclusives that are already in development, and showed that they were indeed in it for the long haul with PSVR.

Please stop responding to this guy when he post nonsense trying to detract from anything positive in regards to PlayStation. Personally I would not and have not even given him an agree or disagree because his words mean nothing to me as I see clearly what he is about. Lets not feed the stray curs that roam PlayStation articles or they will keep coming back and bring others to be fed by your responses.

Ceaser9857361402d ago

so wasn't Xbox.. Sony on purpose did hold back alot of games and focused more on whats coming in 2018 in E3 and they were good...

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shuvam09403d ago

Yeah dude...
It was Sony doing Sony things...

403d ago
Relientk77403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

It was an epic conference, they don't need saving though clearly.

Excited for Ghost of Tsushima and Concrete Genie, great looking new games

TGG_overlord403d ago

I don't know about the "saving" part, but I had a blast with the conference ;)

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