Xbox One X will have around 70 Enhanced games for launch week, says Microsoft

according to Xbox senior director for console marketing Albert Penello, about 70 Xbox One X Enhanced games will be available within launch week.

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NewMonday2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

not good, that's less than 30% of enhanced games on PS4Pro

DiRtY2152d ago

In its first week, the PS4Pro had about 40 games enhanced.

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christocolus2151d ago


Thanks for that.


So? Doesnt change the fact that the pro launched with 40 enhanced titles...just like the pro The list of enhanced titles on the 1X will also keep growing..just like you said "This is now"

DiRtY2151d ago


there are 150 games currently getting enhanced.
So, more than enough.

DrumBeat2151d ago

Don't you know? You can't speak out against PlayStation here. Not even on minute levels. Even if you're 100% honest, you'll be disagreed to death and ostracized. This is a PlayStation fansite in everything but name.

Highlife2151d ago

Oh hell yeah freaking enhanced gaming been waiting my whole life for this. Who needs new exclusive games give me old games with "Enhancements" boom console war over.

MagUk2151d ago

@ imtrumpeach

Please list these games I’m sure a lot of them ain’t even out yet.

JaguarEvolved2151d ago

People are talking about old games enhanced for the new Xbox one x system with "0" exclusive titles with word-play exclusives coming next year that'll also be on pc. Did anyone watch Paris game show and saw amazing true exclusive titles for the ps4 there and not play-play exclusives?

thesoftware7302151d ago

That is what i thought, New Monday had absolutely nothing to add to this great news.

andrewsquall2151d ago

@DiRtY Yet again, we know this.
And loads of those games won't be out until May 2018 and beyond. So in other words, there are new games coming to Xbone soon.

@christocolus And the thing is, the list of 150 games isn't actually going to grow as fast as you clearly think it is because they can't add Biomutant to that list again when it launches in August or September next year (if it launches around then of course, that was just an example).
That game however WILL be added to PS4 Pro's growing enhanced list because that game is currently not included in the "225 enhanced games for Pro" list (which has actually already gone up to about 245 games since Sony made that list 3 weeks ago).

If anybody disagrees with these facts, please, explain to me why you do.

zackeroniii2151d ago

who cares just give me minecraft 4k to max out those 6 beasty teraflops!!!

strifeblade2151d ago


lol every single game that is on the pro and the x, will be leagues ahead of its pro counterpart- something the pro will never be ahead in and where it matters most

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slavish02151d ago

Damn u need a life. Same trolls in every article. No one is listening to you bro. Man u must be crying harder each day the x1x gets closer. Youll get through this 😭

alexh2151d ago

All the new games that are coming out this fall are getting one x enhancments then in the coming weeks more older titles well get the one x enhancments what more do you want? Its exactly what the ps4 pro did if anything it had less to begin with.

Bigpappy2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Correcting. Pro has 255 boost mode games. Very few of those games have any enhancements. But that will all be shown in time and it will be embarrassing. It's going to make the pro look even less attractive.

Stop selling falsities.

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DrumBeat2151d ago

I thought boost mode was only for games that were pre CUH-7000 series of PS4 consoles?

ziggurcat2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

@pappy: no. boost mode is applied to any game that doesn’t have Pro enhancements... the 200+ number is for games that have Pro enhancements.

You need to stop listening to crapgamer and colt eastwood.

MecheSlays2151d ago

Yeah with most of them just having res increases. The Xbox one x is getting an even higher res along with texture and anisotropic filtering increases


Not good? X enhancements are better than Pro's AND the Pro has been out for a year, sooo...

thesoftware7302151d ago

Did the pro launch with the bigger #?

Beside, why is it bad 70 Enhanced games will be there on launch day? That is a huge amount for anyone thinking about buying in the launch window(no, not you)

falviousuk2151d ago

It's bad because its for the Xbox, thats the only reason.

If this was the other way around and Sony was just about to release this console, they would be saying the exact opposite.

Sony fanboys, the worst type of 'gamer; there is out there.

And yes this isnt a news for gamers site anymore its a sony fanboy hangout supported by the admins who do nothing to stop this type of trolling but will ban xbox users, im just waiting on my ban now in fact

TankCrossing2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Yeah but these are way more enhanced, because the Xbox One X is a lot more powerful than the Pro.

Quality over quantity, right?

Obscure_Observer2151d ago


Well, depends on what you call "enhanced". How many games on Pro is on par with Horizon, NioH, Wipeout or Rise of the Tomb Raider levels of enhancements?

ziggurcat2151d ago

sadly, there are no specific policies on what the Pro enhancements have to be - right now, it can be anything... whether it's a resolution bump, frame rate increase or both.

Obscure_Observer2151d ago


You´re right. Same policies aplies to Xbox One X too. Developers (even first party) are free to do what they think is best for their games. And that applies to game enhancements as well.

Pantz2151d ago

I love my PS1440Pro, but X0X Enhancements are in a league of their own.

Jaypi032151d ago

That's neat and all, but we're talking about the Xbox, so lets try to stay on topic.

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ILostMyMind2151d ago

Congrats! It is almost all XBO's games.