6 Xbox One games to help you forget that Mario guy

Everyone is talking about Mario (again). But if you're on the Xbox, what do you have for a cutesy retro fix?

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Soulst0rmer351d ago

LoL! Windows central, what a joke.

Eonjay351d ago

Skip to the bottom:

'If all else fails, just buy a Switch'

There, now you know what to do.

Aceman18350d ago

None of those games will make me forget about playing Mario.

DJK1NG_Gaming350d ago

LMAO why though you can just get Switch and get both Sonic Mania and more Shovel Knight games on Switch than Xbox One. Oh and there Minecraft too. So yeah if you can't forget Mario just get a Switch lol

Puertorock77350d ago

Nothing on Xbox will make anyone forget about Mario.

Automatic79350d ago

Correction nothing on any system will make people forget Mario.

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