Why Alien Isolation is Still the Best Sequel to Alien

After the release of the cult classic Alien in 1979, there's only been one authentic sequel that truly captures the atmosphere and the horror worthy of the xenomorph: Alien Isolation.

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chaos-emeralds355d ago

Nice piece, and i do love Alien Isolation, it scares the pants off me at times.

Kirstyjg355d ago

Thanks! The only way to play it is with headphones and in the dark for the optimal heart attack experience

Sciurus_vulgaris355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Alien Isolation, is a far better and more faithful expansion of the alien universe, than either Prometheus or Alien: Covenant.

Nitrowolf2355d ago

Agreed. Alien, Aliens, and isolation are superb.

Everything else after.....

Sciurus_vulgaris355d ago

I personally find Aliens 4, Prometheus and Covenant to be incredibly dumb. Prometheus and Covenant don’t even look like Aliens films, the low sci-fi look and distinct artystyle of Giger were “thrown out” . Isolation was faithful to the look and feel of Alien to a tee.

Kirstyjg355d ago

I actually liked Covenant, but purely for the scene with Michael Fassbender teaching himself how to play the flute..

CloudStrife900355d ago

Alien Isolation is a brilliant game that plays with feeling of solitude very well. However unlikely a sequel to Isolation is, it's one of the best horror games this gen.

Kirstyjg355d ago

Although Alien Isolation is probably one of my favourite games I'm not sure I'd want a sequel. I wouldn't want what happened to the Alien films to happen to the game