How Bungie stripped away the first game’s complexity to make a Destiny 2 for everyone

Inscrutable systems, complex economies, and the endless need for Reddit. The demanding Destiny hallmarks that inspired a much smoother sequel.

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Battlefieldlover447d ago

Really? The player base dropping of much faster than D1 and zero incentive to grind end game is good? This right here is why a game shouldn’t bow to the casual market. Casuals are the first to leave for the next talked about game, and left they did. Bungie bent over backwards for that market which is now all but gone and made the game utterly unenjoyable, unrewarding for the hardcore players which are now leaving too. If they cater to the casual market again for “the curse of Osiris” than just watch the player base dry up a week after is release.

PapaBop447d ago

Exactly, I'm surprised just how casual they made the sequel, accessibility isn't a bad thing but they literally dropped so many of the well received things they did over the course of the original. I figured they'd slowly introduce new stuff as to not overwhelm people yet nearly two months in and still have little incentives to do the strikes.

AnubisG447d ago

I got a 1000 hours in D1. I left D2 very early myself. Bungie messed up with D2 for sure.

jackdaddy447d ago

I'm with you. To cut a long story short, Bungie have completely fkd up for the true fans. This game was all set to go onwards and upwards, can anyone honestly tell me they feel that has happened yet?

kickerz447d ago

Also did you guys notice how slow aiming and moving is compared to D1? Like D1 i could get precision shots on everything. Aiming in d2 i find sloppy.I think the updated graphics has slowed movement and aiming down. Kinda wrecked it. Maybe xbox1s cant handle the updated graphics.who knows. Very disappointed cause I loved Destiny.

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Lighter9447d ago

Destiny and complexity in the same sentence is hilarious.

ruhajig447d ago

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maybelovehate447d ago

Definitely feels less grindy and you have more of a sense of completion. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it feels good to know I am caught up with other players and can play other games while I wait for the next expansion. On the other hand, I miss grinding strikes for that god roll. Overall very pleased with the game, but I do feel they have to add to the Strikes and Lost Sectors. Both are so fun but they need unique rewards that keep players going to them.

Asuka447d ago

And ultimately... if possible... made the sequel more hollow than the first imo

maybelovehate447d ago

Vanilla Destiny 1 was definitely more grindy but with less content. You had to do the raid to get to the highest level. There was no other way. And it required major luck. It took me over 30 raid completions to get the boots. It was pretty poor design. Destiny 2 definitely improved on Vanilla Destiny. But as far as post Taken King, I preferred the approach to End Game there better. And luckily that team is now responsible for Destiny 2 so we should see the same improvements.

RyanShutup447d ago

As frustrating as that was at the time... it actually had me and all my friends repeating the raid weekly on multiple characters and that "hope" for the drop you need was actually really fun in hindsight (also when atheon finally dropped you the mythoclast was the best!) I remember when I FINALLY got the ghally after like 7 months... the 2 other dudes in my fireteam were screaming out of joy when it dropped for me... for a game to illicit that emotion is impactful. Good times.

D2 has NONE of that... and I miss it. Was hoping this game would bring us all back together but we've all stopped playing already after only a month...

PapaBop447d ago

That's what made the original so great, powerful rewards that kept you wanting to come back and chase, only thing in Destiny 2 that I don't have and want is Better Devils yet unlike the first game, I just don't have the motivation to chase it with D2's RNG system. Back in the original I lost count the amount of times I ran Crota for fatebringer and still to this day don't have it yet if I did get it, I'd have felt rewarded as it really was the best pve weapon in the game for a long time.

maybelovehate447d ago

@Ryan and Papa: I somewhat agree that the grind was fun, at least for those players that had the time for it. But it was frustrating for players who didn't. We lost a lot of Clan Members who didn't have time to keep up. They wanted to do the hard raid but their schedules didn't allow enough time to get the gear they needed to do it. But they did eventually fix that issue later when they added the 1 to 1 infusion and multiple methods to obtain higher levels. Destiny 2 should have kept the system in place by ROI. But it will get there. I am confident in the Live team.

spicelicka447d ago

Well I find it quite stupid that you have to wait for overpriced expansions to have improvements.

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Smitty2020447d ago

I enjoyed the grind on the older system, now d2 maxed out all three characters in a few weeks so they is nothing for me to do until the next expansion make it harder to reach the max level

jackdaddy447d ago

Yeah about that next expansion.... I'm Soooooo glad I didn't pay in advance. Doesn't mean I won't get it but it's on my terms now at least.

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