The Perspective Terror of Dead Space

With the recent closure of Visceral Games, Halloween in the air and the impending release of Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: WWII from the two keep people formerly at Visceral — Glen Schofield and Michael Condry — the time is ripe for a look back at the game that put the studio on map in most gamers’ minds. Most eventual Dead Space fans got their first glimpse of the game via its absolutely brilliant “Twinkle, Twinkle” trailer from E3 2008. It was creepy and disturbing, but in a way that was somehow cold and somber at the same time. The added juxtaposition of an otherwise warm and hopeful song also served as a great exclamation point for its “terror of the unknown” theme. This trailer immediately set the game apart as something new and special. It absolutely was too. Not just for its bleak portrayal of outer-space and limb-severing gameplay, but also for the sheer paranoia and terror its moment-to-moment gameplay inspired. A scary as Dead Space was, though, that trademark paranoia likely wouldn’t have come to be if the game’s camera hadn’t been so well designed.

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