Super Mario Odyssey is selling better than Breath of the Wild

The numbers are officially in. Super Mario Odyssey has overthrown Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in terms of sales.

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Neonridr2160d ago

no surprise there, Mario has a much broader appeal than Link. Zelda titles aren't for everyone. Both are awesome titles though.

wonderfulmonkeyman2160d ago

I dunno, man. In terms of "broad" appeal, Link wears that Gerudo outfit much better than Mario wears that wedding dress.XD

thesoftware7302160d ago

Haha, so true..mario need to cut back on the pizza..and what's with Nintendo having their characters dress up as women😂😂.

Sono4212159d ago

This is great news! It's a 10000% better game so it deserves it.

Seraphim2160d ago

Let's not forget Zelda was a launch title in which supplies of the Switch were limited. Mario is also bundled with the Switch atm. Zelda, 1 month 2.7 million sales. Mario, 3 days, 2 million sales. idk, seems to me the numbers could easily be reversed has Mario launched and Zelda just released. 2 cents.

Darkwatchman2160d ago

No. No matter how you slice it, Mario is a more accessible game franchise that is much Moreno communicable and easy to pick up for casual gamers and non-gamers. THe games are designed for everyone. Zelda games have much more complicated mechanics and require more dedication. Zelda will never be as mainstream as Mario.

Neonridr2159d ago

true, but it's not like new Switch owners aren't picking up BOTW as well though.

davand1142159d ago

Mario always outsells Zelda. Zelda is more of a hardcore franchise and Mario appeals to everyone.

Garethvk2160d ago

No brainer. Better known character and more units in the market. Plus owners starved for new content vs indie games and remasters.

Neonridr2160d ago

I dunno.. I have a backlog of Switch games already at this point. So I am definitely not starved for content. Still trying to finish up Golf Story at the moment.

Garethvk2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Mine is gathering dust. Did not like Zelda and have not liked much of what has been released so far. I just do not like more casual games, the reduced graphics, and thin online play. My PS4 and PC run circles around the Switch and honestly wish we had never purchased it. Mario is the first one that may validate it as the only thing we still play is Mario vs Rabbids and that got old fast. But that is me as I am not big on mobile and since third year of the Wii have been losing interest with Nintendo. Wii U was a bad investment but managed to get somw use outbof it. Wife has been bored with it as well but Mario and Splatoon 2 interest her.

Neonridr2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

that's the point, I have a PS4 and gaming PC. I don't need to play the same games on my Switch.

I play games like MK8, Arms, Splatoon 2, BOTW, Mario, Shovel Knight, Mario + Rabbids, Golf Story, Steamworld Dig 2, etc.. games I don't get on my PC / PS4

why would I want another console to play more of the same games?

My gaming PC runs circles around my PS4 Pro too (I have a 1080ti), but I still find time to play my PS4 as well, so I fail to understand the power talk.

Nintendo has nothing to do with mobile, so not sure where you are going with that statement. Portable yes, mobile no. Wii U had some great games, but was definitely a miss for Nintendo.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2160d ago

"Mine is gathering dust."

Your experience will vary.

Most Switch owners have a very wide variety of likes in terms of games, otherwise the system wouldn't be selling as well as it is and publishers/game makers wouldn't be steadily flocking to it.

There's now over 300 confirmed titles for the system, after all.

deafdani2160d ago

Gareth is just a troll. He's just a subtler one than Chiller (what happened to him BTW?) and Edmix. But his comment history reflects that he only throws shade at pretty much everything Nintendo does at every possible occasion.

The 10th Rider2160d ago

"Plus owners starved for new content vs indie games and remasters."

Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, and Arms are all games that are made to be continually played. Arms just got it's biggest update since launch. Mario + Rabbids released last month. Fire Emblem Warriors released just before Odyssey.

You personally may not be interested in any of that and that's perfectly fine, but don't pretend to speak for all Switch owners when the console's had a great lineup this year and there's been plenty of things to play.

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deafdani2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Starved? Lmao.

Yeah, no.

Keep hatin'.

Prince_TFK2160d ago

There are enough contents released steadily every month though. If you do really own a Switch you would have known thay there are more to it than just indies and remasters.

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shaenoide2160d ago

no shit ! with more consoles in the wild... Good for both though

FallenAngel19842160d ago

Mario always sells better than Zelda