Why Destiny 2 is a lazy step to nowhere

I have been umming and ahhing over writing this at all for number of reasons. I don't enjoy bashing away at the effort put in by so many people at Bungie, and of course there are plenty of people that absolutely enjoy what has been put in front of them, in the form of Destiny 2. However, it's fair to say that I am more than just slightly irked by it

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maybelovehate352d ago

Pretty lazy article. Seems the writer didn't really play destiny much or he would know that the Last Hope is king in PVP, a short range weapon. Also his claim of leveling was very off as well. You do need to be a high level to complete the prestige activities which are meant for users who want to invest the time to be able to do those activities. And to level you can farm exotics in multiple ways, you don't have to rely on powerful engrams, thanks to the infusion system.

Ittoittosai352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

PvP is ruled by team shoot so dont know how last hope is king of anything when Mita and Urials Gift are pretty much king of PVP and have been since launch. Milestone absolutely need to be farm every week to hit max level and exotics whike they can be farmed from multiple events they dont give as big a boost as you're claiming. Fusion is not some magic pill as its a 1 to 1 now instead of being able to fuze anything into each other like in destiny 1. The "Prestige mode" can be completed very easily if you arent max lvl as it really isnt that much different than the regular raid. Prestige is a poor excuse compared to hardmode raids from destiny 1 also the rewards are pretty poor. The game has major flaws namely no real change in a meaning full way from destiny 1. You seem upsey he pointed out vaild problems long time Destiny 1 players have with Destiny 2 as we can all clearly see this was an expansion and not a full baked continuation of the franchise.

I played Destiny 1 for 3yrs and had almost two thousand hours in the game, ran a clan and beat every raid on challenge, hardmode and normal. I was in the top 3% in stats for PVP and Iron banner. My clan, we loved playing D1. D2 well we did the raid, got the gear, hit level cap then stopped. Why? Because whats the point we all have all the trials gear, full raid sets, all exotics and that include the craptastic eververse stuff and our clan is max clan lvl 6. I have 1500 legendary shards, almost 2000 bright dust, couple hundred fireteam whats the point? D1 Id be grinding the raid still or chasing an exotic I need for pvp or my collection.

Shaders arent going to keep me or many playing this abortion of a sequal very long thats why its bleeding players and the community is shrinking. Even worse it appears the DLC wont include a new raid just a new event to most likely Calus and it appears they plan to recycle D1 locations for all the majority of the DLC content yet want 30$.....I dont think so. Luke Smith knocked it out of the park with TTK but this.....this just seems like a cash grab because just give me money.

EmperorDalek352d ago

"But look at those shiny cut scenes! Destiny 2 was way better, because it had a barely okay story!" - Reviewers who didn't like the first game, and stopped playing Destiny 2 after a week.

maybelovehate352d ago

Last Hope is king. Sorry. It is what it is. Mida is king of Trials sure, but that was true of snipers in Destiny 1, Mida is just the closet thing to snipers now. But in non competitive game modes, Last Hope is king. And lol at Prestige not needing a high level. Clearly you haven't beat it. Or if you did, you cheesed it.

And if you already got everything.. Then play another game until the DLC comes out. You already got hundreds of hours of gameplay if you truly have everything. So give it a break. You got your money's worth.

As for the DLC, conjecture is conjecture. Haters are haters.

Ittoittosai351d ago (Edited 351d ago )


I dont know what PVP you're playing but Ive never been killed by that weapon. In fact Ive probably killed you while you were trying to use it. There is nothing conjured about what I said. The light house, the vault of glass, mars, vex are all reused assets from D1 or did you miss the part where I said I loves the first game played it foe 3yrs and have about 2000hrs in game ....hater yeah sure am. I bought and pre ordered; vanilla destiny with season pass, glacier white Destiny collector edition Ps4, TTK Destiny collectors edition PS4 after I already purchased copy of TTK and Rise of Iron. I streamed the game for the firdt three years, made guides for chest runs in year one, ran a clan, bought played and finished all Destiny 2 content....yeah big hater...jesus.

HeavyMessing341d ago

maybelovehate doesn't know what he is talking about. D2 disappoints, and doubt many people will be there in 3 years time.

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