We Need to Talk About That Last of Us Part II Trailer

Nic Rueben writes: "Also, it's great to see that even in the middle of a mushroom zombie apocalypse, the characters still remember what truly matters. Namely, not skipping arm day. "

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BlakHavoc404d ago

She was a little too yoked imo lol but I loved the brutality of the trailer, can’t wait to see more

UnHoly_One402d ago

Sony is great at making trailers that have nothing to do with anything or tell you nothing about the game.

Why make a trailer for a sequel that features no characters that we know, and doesn’t tell us a damn thing about the story?

Terrible. That trailer could have been for any generic Zombie game.

ThatDudeMunkee403d ago

What about leg day? They never showed us what leg day was like.

SickSinceSix403d ago

According to rumors, the muscly armed chick is Ellie's mother.

81BX403d ago

Oh damn.... $hit just got real

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