Newly-Announced Erica for PS4 Lasts as Long as a Movie, But Is Very Replayable

Erica for PS4 is basically a playable movie and will last you more or less the same for one playthrough, but there is a lot to explore.

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Xenophon_York720d ago

Thanks to games like Heavy Rain (released, what, six years ago?) I couldn't tell at first if this was live-action or computer graphics.

I'm interested to see if this format will lure in players who typically don't play console video games. (Which I think is PlayStation's goal.)

DarXyde720d ago

It's an interesting way to capture an untapped market, that's for sure. Now that I think about it, it's very interesting what the companies are doing to expand their influence: Sony providing "interactive movie" experiences, Nintendo's simplified control scheme with motion controls as an emphasis, and Microsoft's Kinect, though it was recently regarded as dead.

It makes me genuinely curious how, going forward, they will continue to appeal to diverse markets. Hopefully we don't see streaming as the exclusive means of gaming (I don't mind it as an option, but not the only way to play) given the popularity of Hulu and Netflix. I think Sony will do right by us, though I'm slightly unnerved by the leadership.

Happy thoughts.

melons719d ago

Kind of like Late Shift, then?

Xenophon_York719d ago

Yeah, or Night Trap—kidding.

Summons75719d ago

Controls with a phone? Dear lord, please tell me there is a normal controller option or this game has already flopped.

C-H-E-F719d ago

interesting, i wonder what games will mimick this in the future. I'll support it as long as they charge around 20$ for it, this isn't some full priced experienced and should be treated as such.

Many-hat5719d ago

So two hour games,now. I presume this costs no more than a fifth of a full game.