PlayStation Plus November 2017 Games Lineup Potentially Leaked For PS4

Are these the upcoming games for the PS Plus users?


This rumor has been confirmed to be true.

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Neonridr378d ago

I hope that isn't true, but we shall see I guess.

378d ago
IamTylerDurden1378d ago

Bound is phenomenal especially in 4K on PS4 Pro or on PSVR.

378d ago
Neonridr377d ago

I still hope it's not true :P

xPhearR3dx378d ago

Someone in the comments on that site said he's German and that info was photoshoped in. Considering it's a solid black box connected to a header and basic font. Pretty safe to assume it's fake.

monkey602377d ago

Well the sale for the week has just updated on the euro psn and worms is on that so it's safe to call B.S. now

Neonridr377d ago

instead.. it's true, lol

monkey602377d ago

How can the plus game be on the sales promotion at the same time? What the hell is that about?

Yukes377d ago

Pretty pleased about this, to be honest. Can give my digital backlog a rest for a month :)

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ocelot07378d ago

Same here looks like a poor month if true.

goken378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

last 3 months saw until dawn, Infamous, MGSV... it was always difficult to follow up from that. but still hoping for a bigger name.
anyway won't be bound for PS plus Asia. since we got that a couple of months back

monkey602377d ago

I would like Bound but I bought Worms on a PSN sale recently so I hope this is wring

ocelot07377d ago

Then again Worms I actually wouldn't mind playing. Not played a Worms game in a years.

TheVetOfGaming377d ago

Me either. Used to enjoy playing that on the PS1 with friends. Not a great month, but I don't mind.

ocelot07377d ago

Just noticed Until Dawn Rush of blood has also been included. That has made this a decent month for me. Ill be playing Worms for sure. Bound ill give a try. Until Dawn ROB is one VR title I was buying anyhow when I buy the PSVR later this month.

brokasfawk378d ago

And.... the streak has ended

Razzer378d ago

More than one. The last few months have been very good.

spreadlove378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

lmao! XD

Seriously though, last month was good! Kudos to Sony.

Ceaser9857361378d ago

^ 3 Months Bumbleforce until dawn, Infamous, MGSV. Dont you know how to count??

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Segata377d ago

Confirmed fake anyway.

Xenophon_York378d ago

Bound looks moderately amusing.

Nicaragua378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

Bound is cool, especially in VR

377d ago
Xenophon_York378d ago

Has North America ever received the same PSN game as Japan a month later?

Knushwood Butt378d ago

I'm not sure. Maybe. I think Japan got KZ Shadowfall long before North America.

Either way, if NA didn't get Bound already, I guess it will come soon.

badz149378d ago

PS+ Asia already given that game a few months ago. So we in Asia can expect something else this month. Hopefully something epic

378d ago
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