Microsoft's Shannon Loftis on Kinect's life after death

Steve Wright, Stevivor -- "I started my interview with Shannon Loftis, General Manager, Global Games Publishing at Microsoft, with a gut punch: Kinect."

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ApocalypseShadow1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Could have been a contender. But now, no longer a "trender."

I'll say at least the tech lives on in inside out tracking. But that fastest selling, Guinness book of world records product is now in the bargain bin. With not one big game to show for it.

If only Sony would have bought prime sense before Microsoft money bags did during PS2 days. And not from under Dr Marks nose and used it for 360. Sony bought Softkinetic but aren't using them for games on PS4. Too late to be used after the PS camera.

1456d ago
Cy1456d ago

"The interesting thing about Kinect is it didn’t start necessarily from a gaming place. It started from a place of like, ‘hey, most people are not born knowing how to navigate 3D space using a controller with two analogue sticks, 16 buttons, two bumpers and triggers.’ You know?

“It was fun to eradicate ABXY[-button] thinking and to teach a team to eradicate ABXY thinking.
“It was fun to eradicate ABXY[-button] thinking and to teach a team to eradicate ABXY thinking. And, then build a culture where we held each other accountable for that kind of thinking.”

So, basically the Kinect was a postmodern thought exercise. It was more about challenging the norm than it was about delivering an experience anyone actually wanted. To paraphrase that one Jurassic Park quote, they spent so much time thinking about if they could that they never stopped to ask if they should.

DonkeyWalrus1456d ago

I think the technology of Kinect is cool but not so much for gaming. Maybe robots or something

Gwiz1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Why do you think they made it mandatory?at the beginning,they already deemed it successful with the sales on the 360 so it was already " tested " the monumental difference here is there's no T-Rex going to eat you while you're on the shitter.
That was reason enough to tell people it couldn't work without it LMAO.

Nodoze1456d ago

Is this the same person who shared a post from her Kitchen about Crackdown? I think it is.

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