Despite Skipping Sony's Press Conference Media Molecule's Dreams is Still Alive and Coming

Media Molecule's Dreams was not present at Sony Interactive Entertainment media showcase in Paris, but Siobhan Reddy confirms that it's still coming.

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ajax17405d ago

I really hope we see them at PSX.

thorstein405d ago

Based on what we've seen from Paris, what else could be under wraps until then? I don't have enough money!!!!

joab777405d ago

They still have PSX and a bunch of games we haven’t heard about. We know From has two teams working on something and Id be stunned of one of them was not BB2.

I think this was strategically placed to happen just as the holiday shopping season kicks off. Phantom Menace is free and getting a Pro update too. Very smart, though I think a Pro bundle or discount would be huge, to go up against X1X and Switch. Though this lineup is absurd!

AnubisG405d ago

I hope what FromSoftware is working on is that Aztec themed RPG that was rumored.

WelkinCole405d ago

Yes please. Really need this game. Been waiting on this and detroit for so long,

thatguyhayat405d ago

What about wild, last time we heard it was years ago

The 10th Rider405d ago

I don't think Wild's absence is too big an issue, I think it was pretty clear that it was early in development. Dreams, on the other hand, was actually supposed to have a beta sometime last year and from the looks of thing there may not even be one this year.

jronj405d ago

Disappointed that VR isn't more of a priority, being able to put yourself inside the worlds you create would be incredible.

kowan404d ago

Mabe that's the reason why it's getting more time in development? They're probably optimizing it for VR.

Frinker405d ago

I feel like this game is gonna get cancelled

WaqarYounis8405d ago

Nah don't worry, Phil 'BS spewing' Spencer is not the head of Sony worldwide studios.

Frinker404d ago

Didn't Sony cancel Santa Monica's space game and shut down Guerrilla Cambridge though?

UCForce405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Are you seriously want this game to fail ? They are finishing the game. So it not even close to be cancelled.

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The story is too old to be commented.