Kohl's Xbox One and PS4 Black Friday Deals Leaked

Get an early look at some of Kohl’s exclusive Black Friday deals.

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Relientk77378d ago

Because when I think video games, I think Kohl's

Kavorklestein378d ago

If he had said "wow I can't believe a single mom can make $500 from home on the computer" that would be spam... his comment was not spam, you're just an asshole.

sizeofyou378d ago

^ Lol...tad harsh..! 😲
But that wasn't spam...
...corned beef...

oSHINSAo378d ago

Sarcasm man, kids these days takes eveything so personal, i was just kidding man, no need to be so rude

ChrisW377d ago

Sarcasm? That was extremely abstract.
Even if you disclaimed it as such, I'm certain people would have responded similarly.

DonkeyWalrus377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

I mean it seemed pretty obvious to me that oSHINSAo was joking... I laughed. idk I think you'd have to be pretty dense to take that comment seriously.

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GrimReaperGamer378d ago

The fact that you can get a PS4 Slim 1TB for only $10 more than a Xbox One S 500gb just goes to show which console has better value when it comes to Kohl's BF deals.

goken378d ago

that's one way to look at it...
another way would be:

ps4 + Xbo S = $390
xbo x = $500

slightly better graphics or triple the library... for most people the decision isn't hard at all

Sonic_Vs_Mario378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

slightly better graphics or triple the library... for most people the decision isn't hard at all

Good Joke. Xbox One offers 4k textures that's superior compared to PlayStation 4 Pro.

Here's a list of features for Xbox One X

4K Blu Ray Player
4K GameDVR recording
FreeSync/HDMI 2.1 support
System-wide Supersampling for all games
Hovis Method
Spatial Surround Sound/Dolby Atmos
16x anisotropic texture filtering
Backwards Compatibility

bluefox755377d ago

@Sonic Nah, he's right, it's slightly better.

mark_parch378d ago

ps4 slim for just $10 more really is a great deal but you do get a 4k blu ray player with the xbox one s and despite what most people say some people will use it

brokasfawk378d ago

I wonder if the ps pro will go on sale during Black Friday?

GamingCentaur377d ago

Decent. I’m sure those $199 PS4s will fly off the shelves.

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