Action Movie-Inspired The Hong Kong Massacre Coming to PS4

Hi, my name is Anders and I am one half of a game studio called Vreski, based in the city of Malmö in south of Sweden. We are currently completing our first game to be released on PlayStation 4, The Hong Kong Massacre. I would like to use this post to talk a about how the game came to life and different parts of the development.

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Gamist2dot0354d ago

Enjoyed Sleeping Dogs and Dead Nation so looking forward to this!

StormSnooper352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

I feel like this is getting burried by all the big announcements. I actually am really looking forward to this. Looks intense.

gangsta_red354d ago

This was the game that impressed me the most out of the games I saw so far from the Sony conference.

Loving the Miami Hotline, John Woo vibe and the over the top violence. This will be a day one for sure.

Majin-vegeta354d ago

Reminds me of StrangleHold on PS3

nucky64354d ago

I just watched "ghost of tsushima" ; "last of us 2" and now this? I'm being overwhelmed with awesomeness!!

Anorexorcist354d ago

This is probably the closest gamers are ever going to get for a "Loaded" remake.