Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain getting PS4 Pro update tomorrow

Metal Gear Official on Twitter: “Tomorrow... 🙌

It's still available for free if you're a @PlayStation Plus subscriber so get downloading! #MGSVTPP”


Patch is available now

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Nice I have not played it yet.. My Pro is ready

355d ago
bouzebbal355d ago

N8ce i started playing since the latest ps+ offer.. Thanks Sony

spreadlove354d ago

My Xbox One X will be ready in 8 days too. Hope we get it too.

The_Jackel354d ago

you must be mistaken this says pro update, not xbox x update

StormSnooper354d ago

Hope you're not also looking to buy PlayStation games on your newest Xbox one.

itsmebryan354d ago

You realize phantom pain also came out on Xbox.

I don't understand why @speadlove got down vote. Smh

rainslacker354d ago

Already platinum'd it,but I might boot it up to see how it looks with the improvements. The original looked fantastic. I doubt I'll play it all the way through again though.

IamTylerDurden1354d ago

I'm loving my Pro lately with all the upgraded games. GT Sport is gorgeous on Pro.

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TGGJustin355d ago

Awesome news. If you're a Plus member make sure to grab this while it's free.

VforVideogames355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

isn't cool to have stuff for free? thanks Microsoft for paving the way , next stop its cross play.......

SojournUK355d ago

Cross play would be good but at the moment too many exclusives about so alienates other console.

Anorexorcist354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

VforVideogames, Likewise, you can thank Sony and its fantastic job at engineering and marketing the PS4 before and immediately following launch for the Xbox One abandoning the whole Always Online infrastructure that Microsoft had intended. Everyone but the most delusional Xbot agreed that the Xbox One was a train set for complete disaster before they "flipped the switch".

JokerBoy422354d ago

Its not free if it requires a paid subscription...

Uken12354d ago


If you remember Sony was rumored to do the Always Online also. Which they let MS do it to see what the reaction would be. Even though MS was going even further with Kinect always watching.

And in the end, your systems is always online anyways. Some games can't be played unless you are online.

The_Jackel354d ago

i hope you thanked sony for the free games (rented games) with games with gold lets not forget i was paying a sub and getting no free games til ps+ came along....

also sony has done crossplay b4 ms did dates back to ps2 era might be only with PC but its still crossplay

Cryptcuzz354d ago

Thank MS for getting stuff for free and cross-play?
Bahahahaha... No wonder MS started this gen with Kinect, always online and TV TV TV with die-hard fans like that. LMAO.

OT: MGS Phantom Pain is noticeably sharper looking and overall smoother to play with the Pro patch. They even included a few quality of life things in the menu, tutorials, etc.

OffRoadKing354d ago

"for paving the way", lol what are you eight years old? get out of here.

Razzer354d ago

“isn't cool to have stuff for free? thanks Microsoft for paving the way ”

PS+ was offering free monthly games long before Games with Gold was created

Goldby354d ago

wrong again V,

Sony started the free games with the online subscription. not MS.

StormSnooper354d ago

I believe PlayStation was giving free games 3 years before Xbox did.

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343_Guilty_Spark354d ago

Don’t you have to maintain the sub to keep it

mkis007354d ago

if it lapses you can resub and get them back least on psplus, I havent had live enough to know.

LoveSpuds355d ago

Really cool, I have been considering jumping back in for months but I have always had other games to play from my backlog, while that backlog is only getting worse, this news really has upped my desire to play through MGS again.

TheKingKratos355d ago

oh i only played it on Ps3
Time to buy the ps4 versrion

Cupid_Viper_3355d ago

It's free for PS+ members, so grab it while you still can.

TheKingKratos355d ago

i'm not a Ps+ member sadly
but i will soon.

OpenGL355d ago

It's almost November, I would jump on it soon if you are interested.

The_Jackel354d ago

even just pay for a month to have it in library til you get a year sub or something man, don't let it go and regret it later

Crazywhitie355d ago

Better late then never I guess

Anorexorcist355d ago

Hopefully that sentiment will hold true for any Story DLC for MGS5.

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