PlayStation Live from Paris Games Week 2017 | English

Playstation: We’ll kick off at 8am Pacific with updates and announcements before moving into the Media Showcase, where you’ll get a new look at some spectacular games coming to PS4 and PSVR.

Stream is expected to start at 8 am PDT/11 am EDT. Actual conference event will start at 9 am PDT/Noon EDT.

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jaekapow351d ago

After saying that E3 was only half of it, I'm really excited to see what they bring today.

Christopher351d ago

I think that was journalists saying that. I would go in with very low expectations.

351d ago
Nitrowolf2351d ago

I always say expect little, that way you end up surprised. To many times we see people disappointed because of all the rumors and hype generated before the event.

Septic351d ago

If its anything like last year, it will be a stellar show.

Plus Sony have a lot of great titles to show off. I do think they held back at E3 for this

OB1Biker351d ago

Its a quote straight from PlayStation blog so no, it wasn't just journalists

MeteorPanda351d ago

As much as l love sony l bet its a few homebrew indie studios with their vr game, maybe a good announcement like ff7r or bloodborne...then maybe remasters and ports for the rest. Not really feeling the hype here

Elwenil351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Aren't they supposed to be announcing several games today? Granted the majority of them will probably be small or indie type titles, but that is still something to look forward to even if they are not AAA blockbusters.

@Christopher below,

I agree to a point. Hyping something up generally ends up with disappointment more often than not, but there are a lot of tidbits that could be interesting either way.

At any rate it's started so we shall see...

Christopher351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

***Aren't they supposed to be announcing several games today?***

If it's nothing major it really won't matter. If it's all Indies, it really has no bearing on E3 and is just usual late year indie announcements.

I'd love to think it's going to be at least some release dates for announced titles and at least one real announcement of an unknown new title (sequel or new). But, honestly, I'm not going to hype myself up for disappointment. Same thing I do with E3. It makes what is shown more meaningful rather than a disappointment to what my imagination can come up with.

Septic351d ago

Oh wait I mistook this for PSX- lol my bad 🤣

PSX will be where they show off the main shiz

notachance351d ago

dude as of now (the start of conference) they announced new AAA from Sucker Punch, I don't think they're kidding when they say E3 was only half of it...

Markusb33351d ago

It was Sony on their twitter feed

MeteorPanda351d ago

everyone who down voted me on my call.

Hahaha l called it! dlc, indie vr games and 2-3 good games.

UltraNova351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Chris put a little bit more faith in Sony next time, cause they really delivered.

That said if PGW is a '3rd grade show' (1st and 2nd being E3 and PSX respectively) what the hell are we going to see at PSX in 40~ days?

Christopher350d ago

***seems your predictions were a little wayward. Ghost alone looks stellar. Cry harder loooool.***

I didn't make any predictions... I said to go in with low expectations rather than hyping yourself up. That's all.

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notachance351d ago

man there's so many AAA exclusives coming out next year, add to that all the 3rd party AAA and it's another great year for PS4 owners.

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Sniperwithacause351d ago

Glad I was able to get my companies Wi-Fi password!
Can't wait!

ninsigma351d ago

Can't wait to see what they have to show. Probably gonna miss half the live stream due to flight though 😭

BlakHavoc351d ago

Rumor has it they’ve moved a lot of announcements from PSX to PGW! Also Sucker Punch is expected to show their new IP!

kneon351d ago

They just did, and it was not what I was expecting. But looks good so far.

zivtheawesome351d ago