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Finaly i will blow the dust from my switch when la norie releases and doom

and if someone will tell me
"but but but zelda !"
then i will tell you screw this boring game after 100h i have no desire to play it ever again through 100h i was waiting for an epic story that newer happened

"but but but pokken turnament!"
i got bored of a freaking demo of it

aaand mario yeah already done playing it so
way to short for this price

only good game for me is Splatoon 2 and duble dragon 4

yeah i don't ride on nastolgia and i don't give a game 10/10 because of it

zelda is a 7.5
mario is 8
And Nintendo fanboys can suck it
and if you want to send me a death threats like to that poor guy jim sterling then go ahead i'll even send you my house address