Xbox One X Shipments Are Not Delayed, Phil Spencer Debunks Rumors

The Xbox One X is just a few short days away from release now, so of course it was bound to happen that some reports would emerge and claim that the console’s shipments are being delayed. One such report did indeed arise, and stated that shipments for the Xbox One X are being delayed. That, however, is not the case.

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81BX354d ago

I post on his vids asking him to change the outrageous titles lol. He reminds me of hip hop gamer

TheRacingX354d ago

hahaha hip hop gamer.....I remember that clown..... what ever happened to him? anyone know?

WeebLord353d ago


He's waving around a wrestling belt somewhere FAAAAAARRRRRRR from here.

TheColbertinator355d ago

Crapgamer has credibility to anyone? Among the con artists in the media/YT he is a clear example.

Bigpappy355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

I have been listening to his videos on Youtube for about 3 months and all he does is talk about article and rumors like the one we post here. Can you tell me what con job he did so I can look it up? So far I find him to be a positive and straight talking guy. He is well spoken, polite and articulate.

Colt Eastwood is another guy I can listen to.

I don't follow them or use them for guidance, but I can identify with and follow their statements. When they make perditions, it is not always backed up by solid references, but they often do. They are intelligent guys who know how to manage their speaking time and make their point quickly and clearly. Bothe Heavily Pro Xbox.

ZehnDrachen355d ago

He click baits his videos and titles and exaggerates the content. He's a toxic fanboy on Youtube to the point that Spencer wants nothing to do with him.

354d ago
Liqu1d354d ago

Well spoken and polite?

Polite people don't call Japanese people "rice eaters".

"Japanese are always shady"

Here's more.

Is this who you really want to defend?

Kryptix354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Not surprised you listen to this stooge. A lot of Xbox fanboys will cling to the most illogical people on earth if it so happens to also be Xbox fanboys. KidSmoove, Crapgamer, Dealer - Gaming.

PlayStation has their share of weirdos like JayTechTV, but the Xbox side is on a serious different level.

A video on why Crapgamer is a stooge:

HotMoltenLava354d ago

Colt Eastwood is great. I love his videos.

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XiNatsuDragnel355d ago

Crapgamer = frost from DBZ super

AngelicIceDiamond354d ago

I'm not sure why MS lets one extreme Xbox fanboy constantly bring down their reputation. A week before launch Crapgamer already stirring up stuff for MS smh he needs banning from everything.

Zeref354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

what do you expect them to do? hes a racist piece of shit but he hasn't done anything illegal.

XiNatsuDragnel354d ago

Agreed big bro he's need to stop should I use my fire magic or your curse?

FoxyGotGame353d ago

@Zeref > MSFT can strike his channel and ban him from using Xbox material/gameplay if they wanted him gone ..and don't know where you live, but in the UK racism is ILLEGAL under Hate Crime Laws, and yes they should go to jail for crimes against humanity ..bc that's exactly what Racism is ... A CRIME.

rainslacker354d ago

I don't think they let him do it. They are kind of powerless to prevent him from saying whatever he wants so long as it's not libel or slander.

Spencer has publicly ostracized him.

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