Destiny 2 PC vs. PS4 Pro Screenshot Comparison

Destiny 2 is out now on the PC and GN have decided to see how the PC version compares against the PS4 Pro.

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ProjectVulcan1264d ago

The game can run 60FPS on even a mediocre PC whereas no matter what console you play it on, it'll be 30FPS. That's all you need to know.

TheRealHeisenberg1264d ago

And the best place to play it, if you decide to play this heaping pile of crap, is still on PlayStation.

I'll see myself out!!!

dilaxal1264d ago

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XStation4pio_Pro1264d ago

Lemme give you a comment section forecast scenario without even watching the video:

If pc is better than the PS4 pro: all extra graphics and frame rate upgrades are unnecessary and don’t make it a better game and it’s not an exclusive.

If the PS4 pro is better than pc: Sony are amazing and extra power doesn’t matter cuz everyone will just target PS4 cuz it’s the best no matter what and having more power doesn’t matter... and also exclusives.

TheKingKratos1264d ago

Man your comment truly show how much of fanboy are you

About30Ninjas1264d ago

I played the PC and playing at 60 fps is thing of beauty too bad I don't a PC

D3TH_D33LR1264d ago

The magic of how the guns feel awesome and the fun it is to shoot aliens is kinda lost on PC. Without the recoil youre missing a unique part of the game experience. Enjoy the frame rates but this game was designed for consoles. Keyboard and mouse sucks.

Yama1263d ago

So play it on a DS4 or XBO controller, they're both plug and play and work traditionally without needing to map a thing.

D3TH_D33LR1263d ago

No exactly. The pc build is ported and was tuned differently to feel better on PC as keyboard and mouse is different then controller. They fundamentally changed how gunplay is used on the pc versions compared to pc. So handcannons have less kick to them, as well as scout rifles. Everything feels like there’s less “oomph” in the recoil cuz pc players play so much faster with the higher frame rate and twitch style gaming. Both versions of the games have to be patched differently because the pc meta will be entirely different than consoles meta. Just look it up, they have a video about. Imo the game loses some of its cool gun variety and gunplay awesomeness when you jump to pc. I doubt pc players just playing this now would notice but any console gamer going to pc would tell, after they’ve gotten over the higher frame rates and prettier graphics on pc. I still say this games best on consoles. Pc is different and pretty isolated too.

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