We Almost Got a Resident Evil TV Show, and Here's the Proof of Concept

Shawn Lebert recently posted the short video Dave, which is based on his pitch for the show Arklay that would have taken place in Resident Evil.

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BenjaMan64357d ago

Interesting... what could have been, indeed.

ZombieGamerMan357d ago

It can still be something is we Deadpooled it

datriax357d ago

Must say, it looked promising. Perhaps not directly as an RE show, though possibly. That short teaser isn't really enough to tell where they wanted to take it fully.

Surprised it wasn't picked up though really. Those few minutes there, were better then the collective entirety of Paul Anderson's intellectual drivel of a movie series.

Evolve357d ago

This looks promising! It actually looks as good as the first teaser for season one of Mortal Kombat Legacy. I hope we see the first trailer soon.

aarogree356d ago

Assuming someone ever picks it up.

Fist4achin357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Hmmm, interesting...

No more Paul Anderson movies, although in the first one we got to see Milla in nothing but an extended dental bib.

CorndogBurglar357d ago

This sounds interesting. It sounds like the lead up to the beginning on the original Resident Evil game. Bizarre murders taking place in the Arklay mountains is what led the STARS team to head up there and investigate.

This definitely sounds better than most of those terrible "prequel" shows like Gotham or Smallville. Those shows take way too many liberties and just screw u the story. I get the argument of those shows taking place in alternate timelines, or that they are alternate stories. But still. How is that cool? I want to see the actual story of how we got to where we are in the main stories. Not some BS origin that doesn't lead to anything we'll ever see.

Thats where this show would succeed or fail for me. If it was going to be faithful enough to lead into the video game's story, i would be fine with it. Maybe even make Season 2 be the story from RE 1. Season 3 as RE 2, etc.

aarogree356d ago

Oh, right! I forgot about that little tidbit of backstory.

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