The Xbox Kinect Never Really Had a Chance

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The Xbox Kinect has officially been put to bed. Ultimately, it never had a chance to truly shine in the first place.

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gangsta_red356d ago

Which is a shame because MS decided to put one in every box on release. What made them do this is beyond baffling especially when many if not all of thier games didn't even support the thing.

Apocalypse Shadow356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

I agree. With Nintendo, they gave reason day one with games that supported the inclusion of motion. Microsoft stuck to the casual crowd thinking they would still be there, but didn't put out anything new over what was played on Xbox 360. Better tech should give you better experiences. And having 8 Kinect related studios should have gained at least one hot game that even core gamers would buy it for.

But the writing was on the wall before Xbox one even hit the market. Those Kinect games that were taken away like Ryse and made into core games was a clue that Microsoft didn't believe it could do anything more than what it already did. Which was being a mic and dancing related games. But if they would have followed Dr Mark's work with motion cameras on PS2,

Even Kinect on PS2 before Microsoft bought out the company Dr Marks worked with
Microsoft could have learned that most gamers reacted better in tests of having tangible items in their hands which created more options with buttons.

Which is why VR works. Because gamers are holding something.

HotMoltenLava356d ago

Well Kinect sold over 33 million world wide so they did pretty good.

Apocalypse Shadow356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

More like 24 million in sales which was actually pretty good. Nice try Trump. Unless you're counting Xbox one and Xbox 360 together.

But gamers like facts and truth. And truthfully Kinect had no chance because Microsoft didn't back it enough on why gamers should have it.

freshslicepizza356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow
"More like 24 million in sales which was actually pretty good. Nice try Trump. Unless you're counting Xbox one and Xbox 360 together."

You think PSVR is going to get anywhere close to those numbers?

"But gamers like facts and truth. And truthfully Kinect had no chance because Microsoft didn't back it enough on why gamers should have it."

I bought Playstation Move so don't even go there about backing products.

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Godmars290355d ago

It was all about audience tracking. With always online they'd be able to deliver virtual live stats and market research to advertisers and that, through offering games as services, would have given them more money than just selling the XB1 as a product. Then there was ability to count people in a room watching an event, with MS able to charge charge per person watching something like football as if at a stadium.

Kinect was always the ED-209 of motion controllers: It didn't matter if it worked or not, just so long as it made money.

PhoenixUp356d ago

The Eyetoy and its legacy has lived on for 14 years strong.

The Kinect’s legacy is dying in half the time because of the way it was excessively marketed in comparison.

Artemidorus356d ago

Don't remember gamers describing the eyetoy as a legacy and nothing to do with kinect. Leave the Sony comments elsewhere.

DillyDilly356d ago

Sony fans do the same thing on XBOX articles its fair game

DillyDilly356d ago

Motion stuff was never a success until Nintendo did it

Featuring_Dante356d ago

One could argue that the on rail shooters are motion controlled games, but this is nintendo we're talking about, they invented gaming.

Apocalypse Shadow356d ago

Gaming was there before Nintendo showed up. They only added to it. Even helped save it after the video game crash.

Dragonscale356d ago

The problem with the enforced kinect policy wasn't just the price. Those resources could've been used to make the actual xbone a better machine.

mcstorm355d ago

I agree. The Xbox one was originally built around Kinect and Xbox live but with Web reactions Microsoft hanged everything and with that kinect became less and less.

It has some really cool uses interaction with the Xbox to jump into games party tv ect were useful. It also had some good uses in games like head tracking in forza, steel battalion worked well with the right setup also the little bits of voice in some games like fifa for switching tactics, players ect were handy.

For me the games that showed off kinect was kinect sports, fitness games like ea sports or nike+ and dance central but support for them stopped and it got less and less. It's good to see kinect still in new technology like hololens and VR but I do think kinect had more going for it out side of gaming and PC developers proved that with what they showed us.

That said it's hard to push addons in the gaming industry no matter how good they are look at vr that is struggling now but getting some good support but I don't see it becoming main steam esp in gaming.

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robleroy356d ago

If MS would jump on the VR wagon it would not go to waste.

356d ago
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