I Feel Bad for The New Colossus, I Really Do

Players and developers are probably going to look to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to prove whether or not EA was right to shut down Visceral Games' Star Wars project. Based on what The New Colossus is up against, that's just not fair.

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DarkOcelet1978d ago

I feel bad for both New Colossus and Evil Within 2 because they are two great single player titles coming out in such a busy month.

Bethesda should have delayed both of them and marketed them more especially The Evil within 2.

JMRamee1978d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. I wanted to play The Evil Within 2 soooo bad, but I was finishing up a bunch of games on my back log, and by the time I was done I had to jump into the maelstrom we're in right now. Maybe after Christmas? Idk...did you play it? Was it good?

DarkOcelet1978d ago

Yeah, I already finished it four times. I personally loved it. In my opinion, its a really damn good game.


Mannn...The Evil Within 2 is the SHIT!

The_Devil_Hunter1978d ago

I have yet to beat it, on chapter 8. I have sunk about 12 hours into it. I know it sounds stupid but it's the best game I've played this year.

KickSpinFilter1977d ago

Ya wanted to jump in to New Colossus as well, but I'll be getting Horizon Frozen Wilds, COD WWII, SWBFII before, while still trying to finish Middle Earth, RE7 VR, Before Shadow of the C, Spiderman, God of War, and Detroit come out!
Bethesda should have moved those to a more open time like March/April.
Seems like the only one getting that is Sony for the most part and just avoiding the Holidays for their exclusives. Although perhaps MS is finally catching on to that with the Crackdown 3 delay (but that might be for other reasons)

mikeslemonade1977d ago

lol you guys are so off base with Evil Within 2. I'm playing on 4k and on high settings and the game has parts that look last gen. So far it's not even as good as the first one. I don't think EW1 was that good, I just liked the game. Same thing with EW2, it has flaws but I like these types of games. The analogy is I may think McD taste good but I'm not gonna say it's one the critical successful food places I've been too. Game of the Year.. haha it won't make the top 10.

mikeslemonade1977d ago

Also Wolfenstien is probably not even as good as Bioshock and Metro. Single player shooters are meh for the most part.

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Spike20XX1978d ago

Evil Within 2 is a huge contestant for GOTY yet it's not going to get it or even get mentioned
due to just this you're mentioning.

Ashunderfire861978d ago

Hell no Horizon Zero Dawn, Zelda Breath of the Wild, or Mario Odessey will get it.

TheLEGENDofTydo1977d ago

Divinity Original Sin 2 by far deserves game of the year but probably won't get it because of the type of game it is.

trooper_1977d ago

Yeah, I'm compelled to get Wolfenstein.

FullmetalRoyale1977d ago

I saw an ad for TEW 2 while skippping through the commercials for the premier of The Walking Dead. So that’s something.
I guess since the first one sold beyond expectations, they think they don’t have to work for it.

IamTylerDurden11977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

The New Colossus should sell in the long run due to the overwhelming quality and kick-azz nature, similar to The New Order. Just like the previous game i expect word of mouth to keep sales steady over time as opposed to it making a big splash then falling of the table. The story dlc should help support sales as well. I expect Wolfenstein to be fine in the end considering just how spectacular the game is. Tbh, Machine Games is the best single-player FPS developer in the business and The New Colossus deserves to do well. I encourage ppl to play The Old Blood as it was a full single-player game at the price of a dlc. The Old Blood is a fantastic title that can be had for proverbial peanuts and it's even available in physical.

Yui_Suzumiya1977d ago

What you expect from the original developers from Starbreeze who made The Darkness and Chronicles of Rddick? :3

CarlosX3601977d ago

Off topic, but The Darkness was a good game. I only wish it was 60fps.

Apocalypze1977d ago

They can market Destiny 2 excessively and I still wouldn't buy it! Point being is that marketing doesn't always work now that people can tell what's BS and what isn't... All thanks to the Internet <3

CarlosX3601977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

It'll do just fine. Relax everyone.

The marketing for the game was on point, and pandered pretty much to Trump's America.

It. will. do. fine.

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OpenGL1978d ago

If publishers don't want to keep making single player games, I will gladly not give them money. This whole narrative is bullshit anyway, the games industry is making tons of money.

OffRoadKing1978d ago

Remember when piracy was supposedly gonna kill the industry?

spartan112g1977d ago

Stop pretending like piracy is in the same league as this. Not gonna validate your cheapness.

OffRoadKing1976d ago


Guess my comment went over your head, jeez kids these days.

freshslicepizza1977d ago

Yes the industry is making money but you have no idea on what. Another game I hope does well but might be squeezed out too is South Park. The fact is single player only titles are not as desireable for publishers since they cost quite a bit to do and as the article states, is hard to keep getting revenue from months after release. So many gamers trade titles in for new ones after they finish, who gets that money on trade-ins?

OpenGL1977d ago

I don't give a shit if it's desirable, if they think they can make more money on multiplayer games and loot crates they can go for it, they won't get a dime from me.

yeahright21977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I place huge portion of the blame for this shift right at the foot of xbox fanboys (not fans, fanboys). While the rest of us have been saying xbox needs games to compete with uncharted, last of us and such. the xbox fanboys have been doing their best try and negate that argument by saying things like "those are one and done." "everybody buys multiplats". rather than admit box has a problem, they pull mental gymnastics to find a way to say xbox is right. And guess what, the industry listened. When the most vocal of the consumers are out there spewing this crap, that's what they hear. that's why xbox is getting new hardware instead of games, because their fanboys told them PS4 fanboys were being mean to them with resolution gate. That's why Spencer is out there crapping on horizon and Zelda for being single player. And of course companies like EA saw that and started pushing even more for games as a service. Because the xbox fanboys basically begged them to rip them off just to try and have a response to Xbox's weakness
As for trade ins. the best way to slow that down is first, make a quality product that people will enjoy, and second, market it properly, ie price it right, pick a good release date, advertise it to generate some buzz, and guess what, people tend to buy it at or around release. And if it's a quality game, people will hold on to it. moreover, things are trending towards digital. So this is becoming a less strong argument by the day.

JJShredder1977d ago


What a load of bullshit man. It's xbox fans' fault?? Xbox is ONE of three players in this game and is getting their ass kicked in sales. They aren't dictating the path these publishers and developers go with their games. Destiny 2 is the best selling game of September (and probably the year when all is said and done) and I bet it sold best on Sony's platform by far. There is no fanbase enabling this more than others and you are trying to find boogeymen under the bed when in fact you live in a society of boogeymen.

Just because people like Moldy cannot get off his knees for Microsoft doesn't mean he/she speaks for everyone.

freshslicepizza1977d ago

"I place huge portion of the blame for this shift right at the foot of xbox fanboys (not fans, fanboys). And guess what, the industry listened."

I didn't realize Xbox fans had that power to change the industry, thanks for insight, very informative!

"As for trade ins. the best way to slow that down is first, make a quality product that people will enjoy, and second, market it properly, ie price it right, pick a good release date, advertise it to generate some buzz, and guess what, people tend to buy it at or around release. And if it's a quality game, people will hold on to it. moreover, things are trending towards digital. So this is becoming a less strong argument by the day."

Really? Then why would industry leaders like Naughty Dog feel the need for online passes? You are never going to get away from the used market no matter how good your game is. Engaging players longer by adding more content and/or multiplayer is a prime example of the industry adpating to player demands.

Mobile, online gaming, and so on has evolved yet some of you guys are still stuck in the 90's. Wishing games would also stay the same price. That's not how a profit driven market works.

yeahright21975d ago

@ JJ and moldy. not all the blame, no. But xbox fanboys are the biggest cheerleaders. And JJ, I said fanboys, not fans. Xbox fans want more exclusives, less MT, etc. they don't cheerlead no matter what like the fanboys do. And lets be honest, as bad as Nintendo and PS fanboys are, they don't go pushing for games as a service to become the norm. They aren't happy with getting next to no single player games because those are "one and done". They're not out there defending microtransactions. So no, "they're all boogeymen" is a false equivalency.
And yes, the fanboys do influence xbox, more so than its fans. Because that's who Phil and company listen to. The fanboys cried because they were losing resolution battles. the fans and critics were all telling them they needed more and better games, but Phil thinks jumping on twitter is a direct line to fans when it's actually a direct line to fanboys. that's why you got new hardware instead of games.
And moldy, they're not adapting to player demands. They're finding new ways to make up the lost revenue of us not wanting to pay more for a game than $60. This is like when you were praising the original xbox one reveal. You're not representing gamers, just xbox fanboys.

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Realms1977d ago

Same here it's BS if they want to treat paying customers like chumps then so be it let the chumps buy their crappy games filled with DLC paywalls and MT or pay to win. If CD project red can deliver a good game as an independent developer there is no reason or excuse for why these huge corporate publishers and developers can't do the same.

DrumBeat1978d ago

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is awful. Clunky, boring shooter gameplay with fuzzy, dithered image quality. I'm so lost as to why/how people enjoy it.

Akira20201977d ago

There was no need to have it since we've all played the hell out of the Beta for several days and came to the same conclusion......Star Wars Battlefront 2 is awful.

DrumBeat1977d ago

No. I'm avoiding it like the plague after playing that egregious beta.

SirBillyBones1977d ago

Preach! I (stupidly) raised my hopes, gave it a chance, and inevitably came away disappointed. Another nail in the coffin for my interest in gaming. Anything multiplayer-centric from one of the AAA publishers seems doomed. The suits are smothering games to death, and people who purchase anti-consumer season passes/DLC/loot boxes are predominantly the ones to blame.

Concertoine1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Ultimately it just feels like a battlefield game with a star wars texture pack. Because it basically is.

The campaign caught ny eye but the gameplay looks painfully dull. All the old battlefront games had to do was multiplayer maps + bots and theres your campaign. It was way more fun than corridor shooting.

The_Sage1977d ago

I'm only interested in the single player. I was going to ask about that. So far it looks awesome. Even if it's only 6 hours I may still grab the game. It's not that I don't like multiplayer games at all, I simply don't have the time for them anymore. The amount of time I've spent in Battlefield 1 is ridiculously low. I loved the single player aspects of that game though.

BigTrain1976d ago

I am in the same boat. Single player has always been more my cup of tea. No time to invest in MP games like I used to. The older you get life demands more of your time.

Kornholic1977d ago

Those are exaxtly my thoughts after the beta. Thank you for voicing them!

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shammgod1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I bought all three big releases today

SuperRaccoon1978d ago

Have you tried all of them? Any favorites so far?

REBORN711977d ago

same here - i have no fkn time to play as i have newborn but i got: AC ORIGINS, SHADOWofWAR, Destiny2, New Colossus.
1 - colossus by far best smothest incredible looking piece of art - fantastic characters - funny - shocking - and fkn fun
2 - its a tie between destiny and Shadow - im enjojing both equaly even though one is FPS one 3d person
3 - only got to mission 3 on AC Origins - same old ubisoft - world looks great but populated with boring as bat shit enemy and shitload of UI icons pointers map scatered with icons etc as usual. i hope their art directors take a look at shadow of war/mordor and make their characters bit more interesting

shammgod1977d ago

Only have played ACO so far and love it. I am just like the poster below. Kid with one on the way. I have no business buying three games in one year let alone one day. Lol.

Either way, I will eventually finish all of them.

Dark_Knightmare21978d ago

I would have too if I had a switch but I'm happy getting the other two

OpenGL1977d ago

I got Wolfenstein on PC and Odyssey. Both are great so far and neither one is trying to milk the player with loot crates or micro transactions.

Tankbusta401978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Don't feel bad for these games. I love single player games as much as the next guy, but publishers and developers need to stop releasing these games against EVERY DAMN hit franchise before XMAS. I will never in my life understand why certain games try and compete against Giants when they can release in March, April, May etc against nothing. Its incredibly stupid(They must believe people take a 4-5 month gaming break or something)

Kavorklestein1977d ago

What if it started way back when as a way of ensuring more sales because games were purchased as gifts?

The average kid has 4 grandparents.
If each grandparent gave a game for a gift, that's 4 games. Or if they teamed up, that 2 games... one for each side of the family.
Perhaps in the 80's and 90's, when gaming was maybe not taken as seriously, that was a good way of ensuring full prices games being sold at highest profit margins to kids or families etc..?
Just a random what if.. but hey! You never know!

arkard1977d ago

But none of them are sold at full price. Black Friday is right around the corner and anything releasing this week will be able to be had for 40$ or less in a matter of a few weeks.

REBORN711977d ago

bullshit - outside of concoles market, majority of people BUYING games are grown up men and women that buy games to play themselves - kids either pirate - or in case of consoles swap with friends.

Kavorklestein1977d ago

arkard- some people don't go do the whole black friday thing, in fact MOST of the population doesn't participate in it.

REBORN71- plenty of kids get spoiled. Also, I don't get why you assumed I meant MODERN DAY GAMING IS MOSTLY KIDS... I meant that games USED to not be as much for adults.. or taken seriously.
I'm fully aware that in today's world, most people who buy games are adults.
My comment was more talking about the ORIGIN of why holidays might have a tradition of having mutiple large releases within a few months.

You both are way off base with your replies.

Dirtnapstor1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I get what you're saying, but the late Spring and Summer months are not necessarily the opportune times for the heavy hitter releases. It's a business. Winter will be coming to a close, schools will be letting out, the great outdoors and travel will become a thing again. Individuals are not confined to obligations like they are during the fall and winter. That's my theory as to why the big AAA games come in droves when they do. There have been exceptions to the rule obviously, but I not counting the game delays because of coding issues, etc.

CarlosX3601977d ago

No, this is the perfect time to release Wolfenstein before Halloween. It has that scary, violent vibe going on in there. Same with Oddyessy, it's cutesy, but it's perfect for a halloween release thanks to the whole "change into new character, costume, or enemy" schtick.