PC Gamer: AMD cards struggle in our Assassin's Creed: Origins performance test

Assassin's Creed: Origins just released, but what does it take to actually run the game well?

2226d ago
AspiringProGenji2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )


How do you overclock a CPU and/or GPU? Is it worth it? I'm guessing it put some strain on both components... does it hurt their lifespan?

mkis0072226d ago

Yes more heat always does hurt the lifespan. Look up a guide on toms hardware. Only at your own risk.

jonivtec2226d ago

I run overclock component since my very first pc......never have failure exept 1 psu and 1 hdd .You will upgrade your parts a lot before the end of their life...just my two cents

kevnb2226d ago

If you can keep your parts cool it shouldn’t be a problem, do some research first.

Destiny10802226d ago

the new gpus pretty much turbo very close to max so there's very little need

with the cpu your probably looking at about 20% boost maybe more maybe less

a game running at 30 fps with a 20% boost you would get 36fps

if your system is a bit old, look into the second hand market

personally I wouldn't bother overclocking

mochachino2226d ago

It may decrease lifespan but as long as voltage and heat are in saferanges the lifespan will still far outlast the card/cpu's usefulness. Maybe instead of 10 years you get 8. In any event, by the time an normal OC breaks something the price to replace will be negligible.

People have been running OC'd 2500k and 680s for years

Father__Merrin2226d ago

i think its well worth it. but id only ever recommend subtle overclocks to gain some extra performance and not lower the life of the cpu and gpu. before i got my i5 4590 which cant overclock i used to run a amd fx 8320 overclocked to 4.0ghz up from the standard 3.5ghz - quick easy perfromance bump and not too much extra heat

FalloutWanderer20772226d ago

Just about any modern GPU/CPU has an auto-boost to give you that extra oomph for performance. You've been given a lot of good answers here already, I'll echo what a few have suggested, do some research before attempting anything. Secondly, ask yourself do you really need to OC your components? Before you will see a significant boost in performance you're more than likely going to need a fairly high OC, depending on your GPU/CPU set up, so do not expect to see a miracle increase in fps i.e. 30 fps to 60fps etc.

AspiringProGenji2226d ago

I have a i7 7700K and a GTX 1080. I play games at high/ultra settings mostly. I was just wondering how further I could boost perfomance with OC

FalloutWanderer20772225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

"I have a i7 7700K and a GTX 1080. I play games at high/ultra settings mostly. I was just wondering how further I could boost perfomance with OC"
With that CPU/GPU, I do not see you really needing a OC, unless you're trying to squeeze out a few more fps to play at 4K? You should be able to max any game 60 fps at 1080p and 1440p, barring a few bad PC ports with poor optimization. OCing your GTX 1080 could give you 5-20 fps boost depending on the game and the OC but as I said, I think you should be fine with 99% of currently available games. What resolution do you play at? If 1080p, you should be able to play almost every game at Ultra 60 fps. Other than a rare few, which usually is because of a bad PC port as I mentioned. You have a really good PC, no need.

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10 Video Game Sequels That Saved Their Franchise

Video game sequels like Assassin's Creed Origins, Doom (2016), and Fire Emblem Awakening were just what these franchises needed to be revitalized.

Immagaiden212d ago

Lmao what’s Halo Infinite doing on this list?

Who would ever say Halo Infinite saved the Halo franchise

SullysCigar211d ago

Thought the same - very bizarre!

RE7 though... my God, what a shift over RE6! That franchise was definitely going in the wrong direction, so RE7 was a welcome return to form.

oIMyersIo211d ago

Resi 6 was and still is the worst entry in the series.
7 was a great turnaround, despite people’s concerned about the switch to FP perspective.

DMC5 definitely helped the franchise after the whole DmC debacle. Whilst it was a decent action game, it was a far cry from the series and the characters we knew.

AC Origins is my favourite in the entire AC series. Despite the switch to a more RPG style of gameplay - the setting, soundtrack, length, etc were all amazing. sadly followed up by the ridiculously long and “more of the same” Odsyssey.

I don’t feel it’s fair to say the franchise slipped with Doom 3, Doom 3 was incredibly atmospheric and took the game in a different direction but there’s no denying Doom (2016) was sensational.

Halo 4 & 5 were disappointing but Halo Infinite definitely didn’t save the franchise? What?

TheEnigma313211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

I'm going to have to go with SMB 3. I was around when SMB 2 first came out and people hated it. 3 is still arguably the best mario game created.

HellspawnPR1981211d ago

"Halo Infinite"? Worse Halo ever. Whoever made this list just lost all credibility.

Hofstaderman211d ago

In future lists of a similar nature I have a suspicion Final Fantasy XVI will feature.


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jznrpg366d ago

Historically accurate from the past is tough to truly know and judge especially the farther you go back because history is written from the people in power and doesn’t mean it’s the truth just the narrative they wanted to tell.

I don’t care about historically accurate in most games because they are games not biographies or history books . Just make the game fun , good gameplay and such .

Ghost of Tsushima wasn’t historically accurate in many things but I loved the game . Many examples like it .


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