Until Dawn Available For Only $8 On Amazon

One of the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games Until Dawn is now on sale for just $7.99 on Amazon! If you still have tried this amazing game yet, you should do now.

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obidanshinobi1496d ago

Great game, had such a laugh playing it.

InTheZoneAC1496d ago

Bunch of games on sale on psn, Amazon has copied this price

goken1496d ago

wasn't it free on euro US ps plus 2 months ago?
it was free in ps plus Asia in February. but i only got my plus in march... missed it. so i bought until dawn from psn store Asia last week at $4. offer is still on until 31st Oct, there is additional 5% discount now

FullmetalRoyale1496d ago

It’s a really really fun game. Snag it!

Gman321496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

No thank you on psn its on sale for $6 with ps+