Microsoft CEO: Our Goal with Game Pass Is To Have A Netflix for Games; We Feel Very Good About Mixer

CEO Satya Nadella stated in the latest earnings call that Microsoft's goal with Game Pass is to have a Netflix for games. He also feels very good of Mixer's unique value proposition.

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LavaLampGoo354d ago

Interesting idea, though I think they can probably feel Nintendo coming up behind them.

lxeasy354d ago

Not sure what your comment had to do with the article. Anyway I like the idea of Xbox Game Pass and I could see my self getting it in the future. I think I'm just waiting for a couple more games to get on the service since I own quite a few of the ones currently on it.

YEP414354d ago

I'm waiting on Xbox games to appear..than I'm sold

354d ago
Shiken354d ago

I hope this bombs, no matter what company is doing it. Streaming games is something I never want to become a standard. The more stuff like this fails, the better as far as I am concerned.

goatking354d ago

This isn't streaming. This is download games. It is pretty much xbox's EA access, which is pretty great.

darthv72354d ago

you seem to be confusing this with psnow. psnow is streaming, game pass is downloading.

EatCrow354d ago

Not Streaming. This is not PSnow.

You download the games to your hard drive. You also get a discount if you wish to permanently purchase the game in the event you want to cancel the subscription.

Shiken354d ago


Well then that is not as bad. I tool the whole "netflix of gaming" comment to heart. I still prefer physical over digital, but as long as the games are not outright streamed, it is not a big deal.

Sorry for my confusion on the topic.

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MunchMiller00354d ago

Nintendo has been "coming up behind" everyone for the past 30 years. The glory days of the "NES monopoly" are long over. Nintendo will be coming up behind for a long, long time, as they have dinosaurs running that company into the dirt.

Sgt_Slaughter354d ago

Having top U.S. sales in September, projections to pass Xbox for No. 2 in total system sales, the best selling handhelds every generation, countless games above a 90 average, successful mobile games, and yet they're being run into the dirt? They're not gunning for Microsoft directly but that doesn't mean they're suddenly in dier need of help.

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ccgr354d ago

But they need modern games for it to take off, already own 5 year old games

datriax354d ago

Nah, ReCore is just a hilarious failure, like Quantum Break, and pretty much any other trash MS has shoveled out the past few years.

You think MS dumped QB and KI on Steam because sales were roaring and they were smashing successes? No different than EA dumping their failed games, and yearly schlock on their trashy Access dumping ground.

Why this needed to be explained to you? I have no idea.

Death354d ago

Or like Rigs, The Order, No Mans sky, Knack and Knack 2 and other failures on another system...

Why not follow your statement of how all games Microsoft releases are trash with the old "Xbox has no games" schtick? It's even more cool when contradiction occur in the same breath.

Do you need this explained to you or is it clear?

we420354d ago

@datriax he didn't ask for an explanation though, he simply made a rhetorical question asking if ReCore is old because it isn't.

freshslicepizza354d ago

Netflix never had new movies when it started.

NotoriousWhiz354d ago

Netflix had thousands of movies when it started.

morganfell354d ago

When Netflix was founded in 1997 they also rented DVDs. If you started a Netflix style business today with zero original programming you would be flushing your money down the toilet. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, all of them are offering original programming for a reason. Its necessary to attract viewers. When CBS announced Star Trek Discovery, it set a record for single day sign ups of new subscribers. Original programming matters. Any smart business knows this. Trying to compare Netflix and how it functioned in the beginning with how a company in late 2017 needs to set up their operations is laughable. Anyone that wants to run their business model like something people did 20 years ago, good luck. This includes game companies. If MS wants to do this too then they should just include a free VHS rental.

freshslicepizza354d ago

"Original programming matters. Any smart business knows this. Trying to compare Netflix and how it functioned in the beginning with how a company in late 2017 needs to set up their operations is laughable. Anyone that wants to run their business model like something people did 20 years ago, good luck. This includes game companies. If MS wants to do this too then they should just include a free VHS rental."

It's 9.99 per month, anyone expecting first run games is not being reasonable. HBO costs more than that.

morganfell354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Prepare to be pwned:

Netflix is $9.99 a month.


That's just the Marvel shows. It doesn't include all the other original programming, US dibs programming, first run movies, and original movies cost. You were slammed and slammed effing hard. Have fun living in 1997.

freshslicepizza354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

"Netflix is $9.99 a month."

I'm looking, so tell me where the latest Pirates Dead Man Tell No Tales, Cult of Chucky, Baby Driver and Spiderman Homecoming?

I think someone here just doesn't get it.

morganfell354d ago

Yeah they're really hurting without those 3 movies considering the crap ton of other offerings:

"Netflix shares continued their climb north of $200 on Monday after the streaming service reported third-quarter earnings that beat Wall Street’s expectations in terms of revenue and subscriber growth.

The company’s stock was up roughly 1.5% in after-hours trading after it already closed Monday at an all-time high of $202.68. Netflix posted third-quarter results that included $2.99 billion in revenue, up more than 30% from the same period last year, along with 5.3 million net subscriber additions to bring the company’s total number of streaming members to over 109 million. In July, Netflix predicted it would add 4.4 million subscribers in the three-month period that ended in September.

Monday marked the first time that Netflix stock ever finished the day trading above $200, and those shares have been on the rise since the company said earlier this month that it will raise prices for its members for the first time since 2015. The fact that Netflix beat Wall Street’s expectations for its third-quarter revenue and subscriber growth is a positive sign for investors who may be wary of a potential backlash to the company’s latest price hike, though the effects of those pricier subscriptions will likely not be evident until the end of the current quarter.

Once again, Netflix saw most of its subscriber growth overseas, as has been the case for more than a year, going back to the company’s rollout to more than 130 new countries in January 2016. In the most recent quarter, Netflix added a net total of 4.45 million international members, a 39% increase year-over-year, compared to 850,000 new subscribers in the U.S. The latter figure was lower than the domestic subscriber growth Netflix posted in each of the previous three quarters, though the 850,000 net additions did more than double the 370,000 total Netflix put up for the same quarter in 2016.

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Netflix has now reported several straight quarters of exceptional subscriber growth, the number Wall Street most often seems to use as the metric for judging the company’s success. But, as Netflix also continues to operate with negative cash flow (-$465 million in the third quarter, compared to -$506 million in the same period last year), the company’s high-spending ways will remain under scrutiny.

Netflix pumps a lot of money into its content budget, with the company saying it has a whopping $17 billion committed to spending on streaming content “over the next several years.” Netflix is spending more than $6 billion on its own original TV and film programming this year alone, and content chief Ted Sarandos recently said that number would likely hit $7 billion next year. However, on Monday, Netflix said it could spend as much as $8 billion on original content in 2017."

freshslicepizza354d ago

"Yeah they're really hurting without those 3 movies considering the crap ton of other offerings:"

You can respond as much as you want, the fact is Netflix does not receive first run videos from major publishers. New movies cost about 5 or 6 dollars to rent, so again to ask game pass to somehow offer first run games for $9.99 is not very realistic. Where is the new Asassins Creed on Playstation Now, a service that costs double per month?

What year will Netflix get the new Blade Runner? So don't bother buddy, you just don't get it.

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goatking354d ago

Keep end mind that it is up to the publisher whether they join game pass. No publisher/dev would put a newer game on it. It is clear this is geared towards people who haven't played a lot of older games. Its still a really good deal.

EatCrow354d ago

Of course. Cheap and optional is always good.

Zeref354d ago

Netflix also started as a backlog of older movies and tv shows. It's only a couple of years ago that they started creating their own shows and getting newer shows.

rainslacker354d ago

A publisher could be enticed to put on a first run game if the price is right, but this would be on MS to try and attract viewers.

But in the real world, the cost would be so high that I can't see MS doing that. Even with their own IP's, they'd be giving up a lot of revenue to simply get subs in. I can see it as a short term promotional thing to get people to try the service, but not a long term way to run the business. The big games just cost too much to produce, and they'd have to have extremely high subscription rates to bring back that money.

I'd imagine most games on the service are going to be at least a year old. If not more. It's probably worth just looking at PS+ or GWG to see about what to expect in the bigger picture. A few high end reasonably recent games, along with a lot of indies and older games to fill out the gaps. Original content in the nature of netflix with their original programming are going to be unlikely.

However, MS did say something about some episodic gaming content, which would have lower budgets, and if it's compelling enough, it could be enough of a draw to warrant $10/month.

NoPeace_Walker354d ago

I don't see Wonder Woman or Spider-man Homecoming on Netflix, do you?

milliniumstylz354d ago

lol i was just playing AC: Origin on my xbox... it came out today.

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Phil32354d ago

Sounds very promising.