Former Visceral Dev: Horror Games Are Expensive To Make and Hard To Sell

According to former Visceral Games developer Zach Wilson, horror games are expensive to make and hard to sell to the general public, which wants them but does not buy them.

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ccgr360d ago

Not a fan of horror games/movies in general

Deep-throat360d ago

Stick with your weeb "games" then.

Artemidorus360d ago

It's his opinion respect it or leave.

Lord_Sloth360d ago

Disliking horror doesn't automatically mean he only plays Japanese styled games. Sporting a C.C. avatar doesn't mean he can't enjoy Red Dead like the rest of the world.

UCForce359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

"Sigh" Really ? That's just disrespectful.

UltraNova359d ago

Gtfo dude.

Damn...some people...

FinalFantasyFanatic359d ago

Don't be a dick, comments like that are the cancer of this community. I'm sure no one wants to hear that from someone named deepthroat.

jc12359d ago

@Artemidorus: That's rich coming from someone on this site. No one respects anyone's opinion on this site...unless it's generally pro-Sony in nature.

milkshake2359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

weeb games? you mean like the games your avatar features in? smh.
Deep-throat and his endless stupid comments.
How many times have I told you to stop getting "deep-throats", it's really bad for you.

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cfc83360d ago

Not the biggest fan of the genre myself. Any 'horrors' i do like tend to not be that scarey really, such as Until Dawn or Alan Wake.

blackblades360d ago

Me to, I try to avoid them. I can say dead space was good, game and anime movie. Also you guys disgreed just because someone emotionally can't handle horror wtf. You people got issues.

Jackhass360d ago

Well, they've always got a buyer in me.

359d ago
XiNatsuDragnel360d ago

Well if it's good then ppl will flock

Rebel_Scum360d ago

Not really. There's heaps of games I like but haven't bought and I'd say that would be the same for a lot of other people. Most people don't have time or money to play every game they like out there.

AnubisG360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Time and money is the biggest reasons why I have to pick and choose what I play. I'm sure many others are in the same boat so i'd say you hit the nail on the head.

October and November I would love to buy at least 7 games but I probably will be able to get one....maybe two.

343_Guilty_Spark360d ago

Do you always have a super simplistic view of the industry?

TejasTV360d ago

You do the same thing so slow down there buddy.

Krysis360d ago

You are as clueless as ALL of your comments.

FinalFantasyFanatic359d ago

What about the newest Resident Evil? It was good but sold poorly.

gantarat359d ago

since when 4 million sold poorly ?

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KaiPow360d ago

A 5 hour horror game is hard to justify it $60. I'd love to see more mid-sized studios tackle horror games and release them for $30-40

DanteVFenris666360d ago

Took me 22 hours for evil within 2 plus there is tons of reason to replay.

-Foxtrot360d ago

Classic Mode is a long challenge its self

ShaunCameron360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

The $60 of now is not the same $60 of 2012-13.

InTheZoneAC359d ago

it's not 5 hours and these games are meant to be played more than once.

datriax360d ago

Likely the case at EA. The kings of bloating budgets and wasting money. Plenty of horror games have been great successes for far less budget.

Nice try though.

NeoGamer232359d ago

This was from a Visceral devt talking not EA.

And they built a lot of good games. They just didn't get the sales to match the expense of building their games. It is a disappointment when any good developer gets shutdown.

And just because games like Outlast are good does not mean that everyone can build them on a shoe string budget.