Id Software worked on Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

It turns out the famous developer behind Wolfenstein 3D hasn’t completely let go of the beloved series, which it used to kick-start the FPS genre.

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SlappingOysters384d ago

Of course they did! Bethesda is building a frickin empire.

EatCrow384d ago

Love Bethesda.
If you can overlook the glitches...which I happen to rarely come by, their work is outstanding as a publisher.

Skyrim paid mods being an exception of course.

arkard384d ago

Bethesda as a publisher there are usually not to much for glitches and bugs. Bethesda as a developer on the other hand.......

Kornholic384d ago

Bethesda games are usually full of bugs and glitches. Great games, but still full of bugs and glitches. Your love of Bethesda makes you blind.

EatCrow384d ago (Edited 384d ago )


I guess the part where I specifically mentioned the glitches escaped you.
The only one here blinded by bugs and glitches seems to be you.