Anyone can play Guitar Hero (Interview)

Guitar Hero has been in the headlines recently, but not just because of the PS2 sequel's success - or even because it's due out on Xbox 360 in the near future. No, these particular headlines focused on news that original developer Harmonix would no longer be working on the series, which would instead continue on at Tony Hawk developer Neversoft.

In light of this, Eurogamer tracked down RedOctane head of publishing Dusty Welch to find out what's going on with Harmonix and Neversoft, and also took the time to ask about future PS2 support, the possibility of introducing karaoke to the guitar-driven series, and whether Xbox 360 fans can expect some form of playable demo over the Internet.

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Siesser4911d ago

I'm liking that I keep hearing mention of other "hero" games besides the Guitar one. I'm praying that a Drum Hero be the next incarnation of the series; the peripheral wouldn't have to be that large or take up too much space, and it's really the only other instrument I can think of that is definitely in almost any song and fun to play. Maybe they'll do a keyboard/synthesizer one?