Summer launch for Forza 2 in the UK

Xbox 360 racer Forza Motorsport 2 is roaring off the UK start grid this summer, Microsoft has informed CVG this morning.

They queried the publisher on a release date for these shores after getting confirmation that the game will be out in North America in May. Microsoft told CVG that currently summer is the only date it has.

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Antan4910d ago

Oh well. Motorstorm and F1 will suffice in the meantime.

zonetrooper54908d ago

Well i can wait, i might rent this first and if its any good than i will buy it. Still i got to cough up £40 for my XBL membership, i'm gonna buy the deluxe edition of Battlefield 2 from and i'm gonna buy Guitar Hero 2 for my Xbox 360 which costs £65 on