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Jon from HGR takes to the pitch to see what this years FIFA is like on the Nintendo Switch

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361d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Yeaaaahhh, it just wasn't as great as EA bragged it was going to be.
IIRC, their words were something to the effect of it becoming "as important to the Switch as Mario and Zelda."
Nooooot a smart statement, EA.
Your sports games aren't so good that they can dethrone, or even compete against, most of the other great and popular action or adventure games on other systems from big third party devs, much less two of NINTENDO'S biggest first-party IP's.
You might say that sales claim otherwise, but then again, CoD also gets huge numbers regardless of how good or bad it is, too...

Maybe next time try something a little less...I dunno...common?
Because that's what FIFA feels like; a common sports title. Only somehow with more problems, and that's before talking about the Switch version's issues.

Obviously just my opinion, so don't bite my head off, sports fans.XD

3-4-5361d ago's a solid game. It's not the same version but it's a fun game. I still prefer to play Fifa on XB1, but yea it's not a bad game at all, and if you play it for's fun.

I only play offline manager mode though so maybe that is why.