Five Terrifying Moments In Gaming

HPP "There are pivotal moments in video games that have stuck with me throughout the years. Beating Contra for the first time. Getting the Master Sword in A Link to the Past. Killing my first prostitute in Grand Theft Auto III (after I already paid her). These are moments that have been discussed numerous times around the school yard and/or water cooler. These precious gaming memories come back to me even more than witnessing the birth of my own child! Don’t judge! There are also gaming memories that are always on the back of my mind even though I prefer them not to be."

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dead_pixels358d ago

You and me both. Deleted it to make space and a week later it was pulled from the PSN store. :/

The_Sage358d ago

I switched hard drives before they pulled it, so I still have it on my old hard drive.

358d ago
roadkillers358d ago

That baby in Catherine was terrifying

Psychotica358d ago

Scariest moments I had was on the old Xbox 360 when you would be playing along just fine and all of sudden the disk would start to grind and that red ring would show up on the power button..

RSKnight358d ago

I know this is not what the article is about, but anyway, these are my 5 terrifying moments in gaming:
5. DLCs
4. Season pases.
3. Always online requirement.
2. Micro transactions.
1. Loot boxes.

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